Nigma overpower Geek Fam at the WePlay! Bukovel Minor

KuroKy's team conquers the lower bracket again.

nigma vs geek fam weplay bukovel minor
Screengrab via WePlay! Esports

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Nigma put up a fairly clinical display against Geek Fam in the lower bracket finals at the Dota 2 WePlay! Bukovel Minor, winning the series 2-0 to set up a revenge date with Royal Never Give Up.

A few minor hiccups in game two marred Nigma’s performance, but they had a smooth-sailing series overall. Nigma’s aggressive posturing and rotations proved to be an entertaining brand of gameplay. 

The first game saw Geek Fam ramp up the aggression in the mid-game with their unkillable Timbersaw and Slark. Nigma was not worried, however, holding the game out with Omari “w33” Aliwi’s signature Windranger and his supporting cast, all the while waiting for Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Phantom Lancer to take over the game. Geek Fam’s repeated attempts at Nigma’s jugular were duly rebuffed and Miracle- inevitably took over the game.

Game two saw w33 picking up Windranger once again, where he was off to an even hotter start. Along with an aggressive Ember Spirit for Miracle-, Nigma didn’t have to wait for any cores to come online before they started the Geek Fam slaughter. 

One Echo Slam from Maroun “GH” Merhej firmly put the ball in Nigma’s court. Miracle- and w33 continued to run rampant with their mobile heroes. Yet, in what would be Geek Fam’s final game of the tournament, the Southeast Asians dug deep and fought to the bitter end. Nigma survived the scare, closing out the game and series and securing themselves a rematch with RNG in the grand finals.

Geek Fam fully deserved their podium placing at the event. The team was a true embodiment of the SEA grit, staying in games even with their backs against the wall. Their resilience was on full display in their series against the two top teams at the event, RNG and Nigma. 

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Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto, having had a quiet year after leaving TNC Predator, looked to have returned to form. The carry player’s decision to leave TNC was not only out of left field but has also contributed to the player’s diminished presence in the pro scene. Nevertheless, he’s put on amazing shifts, and was an exemplary representative of the never-give-up spirit Geek Fam posessed.

New recruit “Karl” Jayme also had an excellent event. The Fillipino was a true lane dominator, showcasing his skills on several different styles of mid heroes, ranging from Timbersaw to Puck. Despite the Bukovel Minor being his first Dota Pro Circuit event, the rookie had ice in his veins, not letting nerves affect his play. He’s but the latest in the long line of the Fillipino talent factory, and looks poised to join the hallowed halls of his superstar compatriots.

Geek Fam will exit the competition in third place, earning $54,000 and 110 DPC points. They will look to challenge the powerful SEA duopoly in Fnatic and TNC Predator, all to secure the coveted third slot in the Major qualifiers.

For Nigma, everything seems to be going as planned. Ever since Miracle- said “upper bracket is for bitches”, the Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi led team has seemingly gained a resistance to lower bracket elimination. While the team starts off slow in events, they almost assuredly find themselves culling teams throughout the main event and end up in the grand finals. Of course, considering the premier talents on the roster, it’s perhaps not that surprising for them to turn up the heat when the stakes get high.

Nigma guarantee themselves at least $60,000 and 120 DPC points. The winner of the event will walk away with $72,000, 140 DPC points, and the biggest prize of all: the final slot at the DreamLeague Leipzig Major.