New Dota 2 battle pass adds Dragon’s Blood Mirana Persona, Drow Ranger Arcana, and experimental controller support

Aghanim's pain is every player's gain.

Screengrab via Valve

Dota 2’s next battle pass is finally here, and it marks the continuation of the 2022 Summer Event: Aghanim Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum. 

In this event, which is tied directly to the game’s new battle pass, Aghanim the mighty has become Aghanim the many as part of a multiverse spanning issue caused by a malfunctioning Continuum Device. This means the Cavern Crawl and new weekly quests tied to it have returned. 

While Aghanim Labyrinth’s The Continuum Conundrum is the seasonal event, Valve has also included a new battle pass that features multiple pieces of content and features. With those pieces of content, the main appeal will be Mirana finally getting her Dragon’s Blood Persona, based on the Netflix animated series, and the new fate-altering Drow Ranger Arcana. 

Drow Ranger’s “Dread Retribution” Arcana is a complete recreation of the hero, including an all-new model, custom animations and effects, more than 800 new voicelines, new hero assets, and an unlockable second style: Master of Madness. As for Mirana, not only does she get her Dragon’s Blood Persona, but there is a second unlockable that will unlock her Dark Moon armor set. 

There is also a special Prestige Bundle available for Hoodwink that turns the forest-dweller into a spiritual embodiment of nature’s displeasure. 

In addition to the high-end stuff, there are also Immortal item sets for 10 other heroes, including two for Zeus. New Global items like the Grasp of the Elder Gods towers will also be available throughout the battle pass. 

Outside of the items themselves, Valve has also implemented an experimental test for controller support. This feature is usable with Steam Input-compatible devices, with the developers openly accepting feedback as they continue to improve it. 

Other additional features include Neutral Item upgrade recommendations, a Rune Spawn indicator, and an average Gold Bounty counter.