Netflix reveals teaser for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book Two

The new season will launch early 2022.

Image via Valve

DOTA fans have finally got a glimpse of new Dragon’s Blood content courtesy of a teaser trailer shared by Netflix earlier today. Along with new footage, there was an announcement of when fans will be able to check the season out for themselves.

The upcoming season DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book Two will be available to stream on Netflix in January 2022, but an exact date has not been announced. Today’s “mood teaser” showcases some of the moods that will be present in this upcoming season with some high-action scenes from the show and a ton of dragons.

Studio MIR will have returned once again to animate the upcoming second book, but it isn’t clear if showrunner Ashley Edward Miller has returned. Outside of this brief teaser, casting, the story, and other details have been kept hidden ahead of the season’s 2022 release.

If you’ve yet to check out DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, all eight episodes of the first season are available to stream on Netflix. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is just one of Netflix’s many ventures into adapting beloved video game franchises to animated projects.

Recently, the streaming platform released its full-length animated film in the Witcher universe, Nightmare of the Wolf, and early next month, the highly anticipated League of Legends show Arcane will be released.