MiLAN is looking for a new team, pointing at another roster move from Chaos Esports Club

Chaos is down another player as the post-TI9 shuffle continues.

Screengrab via Chaos Esports Club

Chaos Esports Club might have yet another change incoming. Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara has removed all mention of the team from his social media description, replacing it with LFT—showing he is on the market. 

Screengrab via Twitter

Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann announced he was exploring his options, but did not confirm he was leaving or against playing next season for Chaos. But hours after his Tweet about looking for teams went up, he was removed from Chaos’ roster.

This was probably just Chaos and KheZu showing that both sides are willing to look at other options, but there was no official announcement from Chaos about the move on social media. 

MiLAN’s move didn’t even involve a Tweet, rather it was just a change in his Twitter bio. His banner still shows his username alongside Chaos’ logo, but that was and still is the case with KheZu too. As of now, MiLAN is still listed on the team’s roster, but that will likely change soon. 

With two players already headed out, this does not bode well for their chances at keeping talent like Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen around for the long haul. The former-Team Liquid mainstay has been featured heavily in rumors based around Team Secret’s potential moves, which is a much more appealing situation for the veteran. 

Chaos is in a state of flux after being the first team eliminated from The International 2019 and only being in the European Dota 2 scene for a few months. That move put them at the top of the chopping block for roster speculation as they quietly parted ways with one player already. 

The only player that will likely remain from the TI9 roster is Rasmus “MISERY” Filipsen, as he is currently the longest-tenured player on the roster and would be a solid piece for Chaos to build around. 

In a stacked region, Chaos is in a very tough spot as they try to quickly rebuild into a team that can prove it wasn’t a mistake leaving South America for Europe despite dominating the competition over there.