Midas Mode 2.0’s day 5 bounties are all about excessive confidence

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Screengrab via Moonduck

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Midas Mode 2.0 enters hard mode as the Dota 2 competition moves into the playoff stage. Heroes’ costs have been amplified drastically, with a hero like Tiny costing more than 2000 Moonbucks, which is far more than the 1000 Moonbucks given for victory.

To take things even further, Natus Vincere have apparently employed Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner as a stand-in, and the man will only be allowed to play Techies. SirActionSlacks’ competitive achievements include being a bench player on the TI6 runners-up, Digital Chaos.

Bounties are now more important than ever before.

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
Sick’em900One of your VIP takeover melee creeps must attack an enemy hero and retreat to Roshan, letting Roshan kill them to complete the bounty. If the creep dies from anything other than Roshan, then the bounty is failed. Protect your creep.
ABC…600Draft a lineup while selecting the heroes in proper, or reverse alphabetical order.
Raid Area 51600All members of your team run into the enemy base through one lane, touch the throne, then teleport away. This has to happen before any T3 falls.
I’m a fish600A player on your team with declare ‘I am a fish’ and only move their hero through the river for 5 minutes. If they stay alive for the duration then they complete the bounty. 
Read a book you dumbass550Gift one of your 10 min tomes to the enemy team to use.
Brown boots, Dagon500Completed once a player kills an enemy hero with only owning brown boots and a Dagon.
All in500Purchase a Divine Rapier before the 30-minute mark to complete this challenge.
No filter500Your team MUST all chat “WE’RE SMOKING” every time you use a smoke. You may also type it in all chat at times when your team is not smoking. You must type it within 10 seconds of the smoke usage.
Twitch plays Dota 2400Let twitch draft your first hero for free.
Happy Murder Trees400Plant three trees on the body of an enemy before it fades into the ground. 

With the playoffs and the hard mode in effect, the list of bounties has been expanded to 10. With top-tier heroes costing more Moonbucks than ever before, teams will be hard-pressed to complete some of the bounties to purchase a good draft.

Sir Sadim’s Stunners, the stack comprised of premier Dota 2 streamers, will face off against Natus Vincere. Fighting Pepegas will take on Anvorgesa later on in the day.