Midas Mode 2.0 day 8 bounties are about team unity and painful memories

Reminisce and wince in agony at the old times.

dota 2 midas mode 2.0
Screengrab via Moonduck

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Dota 2 tournament Midas Mode 2.0 has entered its eighth day competition. The Asian tour continues with the teams playing out the remainder of the group stage.

The list of bounties for day eight has once again expanded, this time with greatly increased rewards as well. Before Hard Mode—where wins and losses don’t reward Moonbucks and heroes are exponentially more expensive—returns to the tournament, the group stage serves as a great chance for teams to save a tidy nest egg.

For now, victory and defeat still award Moonbucks. Teams that complete these bounties will instantly get Moonbucks credited to their account, regardless of whether they end up winning or losing.

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
Run chicken, run!900Have your courier touch both enemy shrines before the three-minute mark. It must return safely to your base to complete the bounty.
TI4 style750Win a game in under 20 minutes.
The Great Migration750Teams must start at either end of the river as five, and travel all the way to the opposite end without losing a hero. All chat “quack, quack, quack” to start. All enemy heroes must be alive at challenge start. You are a migrating flock of beautiful creatures, so remember to stay together as close as possible. If a fight occurs feel free to spread out for the engagement but you must return to five to where the fight began and then finish your journey to collect your reward.
“3 VS 1 GET COUNTER KILLED, DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME?!” 700One hero must face three enemy heroes, kill one, and escape. After that, they must all chat “三个打一个被反杀,你会不会玩?!” (3 vs 1 get counter killed, do you really know how to play this game?!). This is a very very famous meme reference from Bai “rOtk” Fan.
Welcome to EG600Use items or spells to get an enemy player stuck on a cliff.
Good old friends600When a player is being chased/ganked near the tower, all four teammates immediately TP to save him at the same time. All five players must survive.
Dance with the devil by the first moonlight600Enter the Rosh pit alone and get hit by Rosh in the first five minutes and survive.
ABC…600Draft a lineup while selecting the heroes in proper or reverse alphabetical order.
Mushi destroyer500Kill Roshan and deny the Aegis.
Misclick2x the cooldown of the spellA player must use an ultimate with more than a 60-second cooldown on an enemy creep without hitting enemy heroes then all chat “misclick.”

Fnatic will play two series today, taking on two-time Major winners Vici Gaming before playing EHOME. The last series of the day will be played by BurNing’s Legion, who will face their toughest test yet in Vici.