Midas Mode 2.0 day 4 bounties are all about helping enemies and remembering the good old days

Remember, remember, the million dollar dream coil that won the final.

dota 2 midas mode 2.0
Screengrab via SirActionSlacks

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Dota 2 tournament Midas Mode 2.0 has even more wacky bounties on display on the fourth day of the competition.

In this game mode, bounties are a way for teams to earn Moonbucks, a virtual currency only usable in Midas Mode. Moonbucks are used to do practically anything, such as picking and banning heroes, pausing the game, or activating KEKW in chat.

Each team that completes a bounty will claim the reward immediately, no matter the result of the game. Victory or defeat comes with its own Moonbucks reward. Here are all of the bounties available on day four.

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
The enemy of my enemy is my friend300Team up to kill Super Roshan at any stage of the game. Both teams get the bounty and you have to deny the Aegis. You can’t fight for 10 seconds starting when Roshan dies. To attempt all chat “Go Rosh?” If both teams agree, the Super Rosh upgrade will be applied for free.
It’s a trap!200Quad-Stack a neutral camp. Tell the enemy about the stack by all-chatting “QUAD STACK (Name + Location) FOR YOU.” You must leave the camp alive without killing it for three minutes to complete the bounty. If your opponents are able to clear it fully, then you fail the bounty.
It’s soon right?200Before 10 minutes, drop an observer ward next to Roshan. Announce “Happy Diretide!” to notify the enemy team. The closer you leave it to Rosh, the better he can protect it.
Clippy150For the first five deaths of the enemy team, someone on your team must offer unhelpful advice on how any deceased players of the other team could’ve avoided their deaths.
Dota Trivia Night50Casters will present players in all chat a Dota-related trivia question. The first player to answer correctly in all chat wins MoonBucks for his team. Casters can ask up to three questions per game.
Do you remember?No reward, but drafts are free.Prior to the draft, both teams can agree to play the drafts from game five of the TI3 Finals. The winner of the auction will get to choose which draft they want to play. Radiant: Alchemist, Templar Assassin, Batrider, Enigma, Rubick.
Dire: Chaos Knight, Puck, Nature’s Prophet, Io, Crystal Maiden.

This set of bounties will only be present for the fourth day. Six bounties will be available today.

Dota 2‘s El Clásico between TI1 champions Natus Vincere and TI3 winners Alliance will be the first series of the day, determining who’s old and who’s gold. The competition will head to America for the next two series where Team Anvorgesa will take on J.Storm, followed by Fighting Pepegas battling beastcoast.