Midas Club Dota 2 roster signed by Havan Liberty

SA Dota is getting some support.

Image via Haven Liberty

Havan Liberty is entering Dota 2 for the first time, bringing on all-Brazilian Midas Club roster following five months of middling results. 

Heitor “Duster” Pereira and the mostly veteran South American lineup—Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes, Henry “murdOc” Felipe, Diego “SexyFat” Barini, and Lucas “Hyko” Morais—spent time with FURIA Esports before re-forming Midas Club to continue competing in online competitions after being released in April. 

Haven has teams in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, and now Dota. This signing is meant to be a trial period with the former-Midas roster as the organization wants to help build another SA powerhouse and make Brazil noteworthy for international Dota. 

“Though the national scene in Brazil is not really consolidated, we believe in the competitive quality of our region and wish to help make it grow, so that Brazil becomes an international reference,” Haven said. “That is why we have partnered up for the next few months with the lineup that currently represents Midas Club.”

Outside of beastcoast and Thunder Predator, two SA rosters that don’t have any Brazilian players, the region is wide open for other teams to step up. SA has long been considered the weakest region in Dota, so having new organizations working to change that is always a good thing. 

Haven plans to support this roster for at least three months, with a re-evaluation set for October when regional leagues are supposed to begin. 

“Midas’ players are currently top three in South America, where several tournaments are being organized in an online format –some even in [North America] servers,” Haven said. “They will be with us at least until the beginning of regional leagues, set for October, which is when the players will decide their future for 20-21 Dota Pro Circuit.”