Meta4Pro withdraws from DPC EU lower division, investigating own players for match-fixing

Out of meta.

Image via DreamHack

Russian organization Meta4Pro voluntarily withdrew from the Dota Pro Circuit today, citing suspicion of contracted players being involved in match-fixing. The matter is under investigation by ESL Gaming and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), and Valve “has been informed,” DreamHack announced.

All of Meta4Pro’s results, including previously played ones, will be voided, giving the team a 0-7 record and eliminating them from the Europe Regional League.

“We encourage all players and teams to work with us on creating a clean and reliable competitive environment,” DreamHack said. “Once ESIC’s and our investigation is completed, we will update the Dota community on its outcome.”

Meta4Pro posted to its official VK page, adding that the decision was made by management after the roster’s two latest series against Hippomaniacs and Burjui. The org said some of its own players “categorically refused” to continue playing due to suspicions of their teammates.

Meta4Pro added that “specific names and nicknames” won’t be released until the investigation is concluded “in the near future.”

No changes will be made to the format to the DPC EU lower division. Meta4Pro’s forfeiture means that just one team will be eliminated from the DPC altogether, while the top two squads will earn promotion to the upper division.