It’s now worthwhile to make 3-star units in Dota Underlords

Valve buffed several of them in the Mid-Season Update.

Image via Valve

Dota Underlords’ meta before the latest update involved trying to have a board full of high-tier two-star units for the late game.

But the July 18 update is bringing buffs to the stats of several units when they reach three stars. Valve is increasing the stats increase to more than double when units are upgraded from two to three stars, instead of the usual two-fold of the previous update. Many Underlords heroes will now gain more attack speed at three stars and get more than double their health and damage in comparison to two stars.

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Abaddon, Arc Warden, Lina, Lycan, Mirana, Omniknight, Phantom Assassin, Sand King, Shadow Fiend, Sniper, Terrorblade, Tinker, Viper, and Windranger now scale from two to three stars by gaining more than double in some stats. Most of them will get considerably higher HP when making that upgrade, but others will get higher auto-attack or spell damage, like Phantom Assassin and Lina, respectively.

With many of these units being tier one to three, it might be worth it in several matches to go for three-star versions of them. And after the nerfs to Knights and Warlocks, having more health or damage will probably be essential to winning certain matchups before your team is wiped out.

The update has yet to go live in Underlords for players to test these changes and develop strategies that are based on upgrading units to their max level, but the patch notes already show us it’s probably a good idea. We might see a shift in the meta from focusing on boards full of two-stars in the late game to three-star rushes in the early and mid game.

The Underlords Mid-Season Update goes live sometime today, but the full patch notes are already available on the game’s website.