Liquid crush weakened OG at WeSave! Charity Play

OG lacked some of their leading men.

dota 2 team liquid new roster
Screengrab via Team Liquid

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Team Liquid demolished OG in a speedy 2-0 today at the WePlay! Charity Play Dota 2 tournament. Liquid looked hot, but it was against a weakened OG roster lacking some of its stars.

Topson and MidOne were unable to make it as they are currently playing in the Southeast Asian region, which likely means that they are both in Malaysia. Ceb made his return to the team as an offlaner while OG.Seed’s carry Madara stood-in.

To make matters even more convoluted, SumaiL was playing the hard support role, while N0tail moved to mid. Most likely, geographical reasons were at play once again; SumaiL likely experienced poor ping in the online tournament since he was playing from the U.S.

In the series vs. Liquid, OG lacked the missing stars’ penchant for aggressive rotations. The two-time The International champions were unable to even get their feet wet through both games.

The first game saw OG pick up a teamfight combo that they couldn’t find an opportunity to unleash until 15 minutes into the game, and they had already been overrun by Liquid’s aggressive pushing strategy.

OG went for a slow-paced farming lineup in game two and was steamrolled by Liquid’s massive Bristleback. Captain N0tail played Brewmaster and Oracle in games one and two respectively, unorthodox picks that did not help their crusade.

In the end, this was not OG’s tournament, owing to the multitudes of factors that would have to work out for the organization’s full roster to play.

This is the end of the back-to-back TI champions run at the WeSave! Charity Play tournament. Hopefully, fans will get to see more of the OG roster in more opportune circumstances.