Lima Major winner highlights the reason why staying dominant in Dota 2 is near impossible

It's not easy being the top dogs.

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Being dominant in Dota 2 for a long period of time isn’t easy—at least, not anymore. It’s the reason why we’ve seen teams like Team Secret tumble down to the DPC WEU 2023 Tour Two: Division Two this season, and others like BetBoom, who dominated the first part of the season, struggle in tournaments.

Not even the most in-form team, Gaimin Gladiators, who emphatically won the Lima Major after mastering the meta, have been able to stay on top. They’re still doing well in the second tour, with two wins and one loss, but they’re a bit off the pace.

As their star carry player Dyrachyo explained during a post-match interview on stream, however, there are a few reasons why it can happen from time to time, and it’s not always caused by a dip in form or a string of poor performances.

“They are beasts. There are crazy people playing,” he said about the pro scene, alluding to the fact that the skill levels are so high and the competition is so tight, nothing is set in stone.

He also said that when you’re on top for a while, like Gladiators were, the team becomes predictable to others, which makes it harder to “maintain top shape.”

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Of course, the fact the Dota 2 meta can change on a whim, even without a massive patch, also plays a part. Dyrachyo explained it makes it harder to figure out drafts and work out what is better. Then, you throw poor performances int, which happen on an individual level or across the board in a team from time to time, and you have the perfect storm.

But even when the pressure is piling on, Dyrachyo stressed the importance of trying to find the best way to move forward—and that’s exactly what he and Gaimin Gladiators are doing.

“We are trying to find the best way. We have been playing since the Major, trying to deal with the draft, the game, and personal mistakes,” he said.

“[But no matter what], the team atmosphere is always great.”


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