Kuku leaves TNC Predator after The International 2019

TNC Predator aren't safe from the first wave of offseason changes.

Photo via Valve

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Carlo “Kuku” Palad had an up-and-down season with TNC Predator. But despite the team pulling together and finishing in a tie for ninth place at The International 2019, it looks like they’ll be splitting up. 

Kuku tweeted that he’s looking for a team earlier today. TNC hasn’t made an official statement following Kuku’s post, however, and the organization’s Twitter description still features his name as part of the team. 

Since there hasn’t been a follow-up post from TNC, this likely means Kuku made the decision to leave the organization that he’s spent the last three years with. His performance at TI9 showed that he’s a solid offlaner that many teams will likely consider adding to their squad as the post-TI9 roster shuffle continues. 

Screengrab via TNC Predator

Although he was banned from attending The Chongqing Major for allegedly using a racist slur against a Chinese player in a pub game chat, he served his ban and returned to help TNC turn their season around. He probably won’t be getting any offers to play in China, but teams like Mineski could be an option. 

There’s also a rumor that current TNC coach and Dota 2 legend Lee “Heen” Seung Gon might leave the team to either coach or play for the in-development T1 roster. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Kuku’s departure from TNC could lead to more changes for the team.