Invictus Gaming win the Dota Summit 11 Minor

Invictus are heading to the first Major of the year.

Screengrab via Beyond The Summit
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Invictus Gaming finished an incredible run at the Dota Summit 11 Minor by beating Chaos Esports Club 3-0 in the grand finals to take home the trophy. 

It was three straight games of solid play to cap the final day of competition at the Minor. To make matters worse for Chaos, Arif “MSS” Anwar predicted the series to be a 3-0—but it ended up being in the other team’s favor. 

Game one barely even got started before the Chaos draft fell apart under the sheer power of Zhou “Emo” Yi’s Ember Spirit. Even with a Kunkka-Templar Assassin frontline, Chaos fell behind quickly and couldn’t catch up. 

Yawar “YawaR” Hassan and Quinn “CCnC” Callahan played well, but both of their heroes excelled in the mid to late game and were beaten out by the quicker builds of iG. Specifically, the Emo Ember and Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi’s Mirana destroyed Chaos and forced a 24-minute GG call. 

Game two saw a similar outcome. Emo dominated on Tiny, and Kaka got to play a second round on Mirana. Even with CCnC on Gyrocopter and the MSS Rubick, Chaos failed to stop the aggressive play of iG while Emo pushed right into lanes. 

IG shut down Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek and were able to out-zone YawaR for a second straight game, even though they ended up giving him a better opportunity to get things going. The Emo and Kaka combo put the Chinese squad one win away from making it to the Major and passed the torch to Jin “flyfly”‘ Zhiyi for the final game. 

CCnC tried to carry Chaos to a victory in game three, but flyfly’s Gyrocopter was a monster throughout the entire tournament. The pick made another dominating run in the most important game of the event. 

SabeRLight- couldn’t stay alive. Kaka had another solid performance that helped swing a rough mid-game into a late push iG wasn’t willing to drop. Emo even dove into the fountain with TA to secure the kills necessary to end the game, forcing out a third set of GGs and ending the tournament with a 3-0 sweep. 

IG now walk away from the Dota Summit 11 Minor with a ticket to the MDL Chengdu Major. There, they’ll have a chance to score even more Dota Pro Circuit points and could potentially even increase their base $72,000 prize that they just earned. 

As for Chaos, this was a strong first outing for the team after just signing to play under the organization’s banner. Avery “SVG” Silverman and his team are going to continue playing in the North American region this season and have made a strong case for being one of the top competitors in it.