How to watch the North America 2021 Dota Pro Circuit league

Nearly a full seven days of Dota per week.

Screengrab via Beyond the Summit

All six regions are ready to begin the first season of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit regional league circuit on Jan. 18 after finalizing the 16 team rosters that will be competing in both the upper and lower divisions. 

Every region except for China will follow the same schedule, with teams in China taking a small break in the middle of the six-week league and extending its schedule into March. 

Along with the slight extension in time for China, time differences will also impact how many matches will be played at the same time each day. The schedule will keep runover from happening too frequently, but there will be several instances of matches from multiple regions running at the same time on their individual broadcasts. 

Beyond the Summit is keeping the North American league consistent, with matches being played every day of the week except Friday. Matches for both divisions will start at either 2pm or 5pm CT, with upper division games being streamed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, while lower division matches go live on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. 

Here is the full schedule for what days you can expect to see NA matches played in both divisions for season one. 

  • Week one: Jan. 18 to 21 and Jan. 23 to 24
  • Week two: Jan. 25 to 28 and Jan. 30 to 31
  • Week three: Feb. 1 to 4 and Feb. 6 to 7
  • Week four: Feb. 8 to 11 and Feb. 13 to 14
  • Week five: Feb 15 to 18 and Feb. 20 to 21
  • Week six: Feb. 22 to 25 and Feb. 27 to 28

As for where you can watch the streams, here are the links to both the main ESL broadcast and all of the other languages that have an official stream available. 

Any additional schedule changes or broadcasts will be added as the details become available.