Here are the 2021 DPC South America Regional League standings

A top-heavy league with a lot of room to grow.

Image via OGA Dota PIT

Of all the regions involved in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit, South America looks to be the one that has grown the most over the last year. Instead of looking at the lineup and wondering who can stand up to beastcoast, we are now wondering if beastcoast will even make it to the first Major. 

That isn’t a knock to beastcoast either. Teams like Thunder Predator, SG e-sports, and others have all shown some serious promise over the last several months. There could be some serious competition coming out SA this year. 

Prize pool and format

The eight upper division teams will be competing for a $205,000 prize pool and 1,150 Dota Pro Circuit points. 

At the end of the season, which runs from Jan. 18 to Feb. 26, the top two teams will earn a spot at the March Major, while the bottom two teams will be relegated two the lower division for season two. The bottom three teams won’t gain any of the DPC points either. 

The lower division is also made up of eight teams, but there are no DPC points up for grabs this time. Instead, the teams will be playing for their share of $75,000 and a chance at being promoted to the upper division for season two. 

The two top finishers at the end of the first season will replace the lowest placing teams from the upper division, while the bottom two teams will be completely eliminated and replaced by new teams through an open qualifier. 

The groups will follow a single round-robin format with all matches being best-of-threes. There won’t be any playoffs because of the enhanced focus on the Major. 

Teams to watch

Despite showing growth, SA still looks like it will have a pretty top-heavy class of teams playing in the upper division. 

Thunder Predator and beastcoast are the clear favorites to earn the Major spots, since both have competed against NA teams over the last several months and done well, even when faced with high latency. TP even won the last BTS Pro Series Season of 2020 over 4 Zoomers in December. 

SG e-sports is a big name in Dota, but the team that was previously known as Team Brasil has a lot to prove on the big stage. The same goes for Infamous and No-Ping e-sports, who are either fielding new rosters or haven’t done much outside of SA over the last year. 

As for the lower division, things are wide open for any team to take a big lead. Both Infinity Esports and Incubus Club have some experience competing together after playing in the closed qualifier already, however. And 0-900 looks like it might be the most promising squad out of the open qualifier group, fielding veterans like Christian “Madara” Kimura and Diego “Jericho” Rivera. 


Upper division

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1beastcoast6-112-2500Major Playoffs$30,000
2Thunder Predator5-210-6300Major Group Stage$28,000
3SG e-sports4-38-8200Major Wild Card$27,000
4NoPing e-sports4-311-8100Major Wild Card$26,000
5Team Unknown3-48-850 $25,000
6Infamous3-47-8 $24,000
7EgoBoys2-55-11Demotion to lower division$23,000
8Latam Defenders1-63-13Demotion to lower division$22,000

Lower division

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesQualifiedPrize
1Infinity Esports6-113-4Upper division$17,000
2Hokori6-113-4Upper division$16,000
3Incubus Club6-113-3 $15,000
4Gorillaz-Pride4-310-6 $11,000
5Crewmates3-46-8 $9,000
6Inverse2-54-10 $7,000
7Mad Kings1-62-12Elimination