Gorgc joins OG as the organization’s first full-time streamer

The Gorgeous Cow is now also a Beautiful Flower.

Screengrab via Red Bull

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Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski is arguably the biggest name when it comes to Dota 2 streaming. And now, he’s going to be creating even more content alongside OG as the organization’s first full-time streamer. 

The signing was announced live on the OG Night livestream today, but the deal had been floating around as a rumor on Reddit and Dota 2 forums for a little over a week prior to the actual meme coming true. 

With an average viewer count of over 7,000 that’s only gone up in recent months, 303,000 followers, and more than 30.5 million channel views, Gorgc’s audience is a massive asset to add to the growing OG family. And just like the video that announced his arrival, OG plans on having the explosive personality help share more about OG while also maintaining his usual content. 

The main goal of this collaboration outside of just having Gorgc as a part of OG is giving the team a way to share some insights and open a window into the organization that wasn’t previously available to them. Sébastien “Ceb” Debs said the team wants to casually show more of what the team is like outside of matches.

“We thought about joining him for post-game interviews and casual post-game stuff,” Ceb said. “That is going to be hella fun. Basically, we are going to see where this takes us but we get along really well, we share the same approach and mentality. And something good usually comes out of those things.”

Gorgc is set to return to streaming on Jan. 30. Fans should prepare for some new graphics, sponsors, and other goodies to be added to his stream once he starts to broadcast as a part of OG.