Forward Gaming ceases operations, players left stranded

The organization is no longer moving forward.

Photo via Valve

Forward Gaming’s CEO has shut down the organization, revealing its dire financial situation and leaving players stranded before The International 9.

Daniel Dayshotan, CEO and founder of Forward Gaming, posted a heartfelt message describing the shutdown of the company. The organization will release all employees’ contracts due to poor finances. The players are also owed one month’s salary and a total of $36,000 in prize money.

Forward’s website is down because of a database error, likely due to the overwhelming amount of click-throughs to the website. Dashtoyan has posted a copy of the original statement, though.

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Despite Forward’s arrears to its team, the players and the organization seem to have parted on good terms. Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu, Forward’s offlane player, tweeted in the aftermath, describing positive experiences with the organization.

Jack “KBBQ” Chen, the team’s manager, also confirms that the group will remain together and they’re looking for a sponsor to attend TI9.

Since the team already qualified for TI9, expect to see organizations swoop in for the former Forward players. With TI9’s prize pool broaching $30 million, the team will receive at least $75,000 even if they come in last place at the event.