Fnatic demolish Team Adroit at ESL One Los Angeles Online 2020

Three wins in a row.

Photo via Beyond the Summit

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Fnatic crushed Team Adroit in the grand finals of the ESL One Los Angeles Online Southeast Asia Dota 2 tournament today. Fnatic had a rather shaky form going into the tournament, only winning one series in the group stage, but the Southeast Asian all-stars managed to cleanly sweep Adroit.

Adroit and Fnatic have met three times previously before this grand finals. Fnatic won twice but lost to Adroit most recently during the group stage of the tournament. Fnatic upped their game going into this series, however, dispatching Adroit with relative ease.

The first game was a battle of the carries on both teams: Fnatic’s Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon and Adroit’s John “Natsumi-” Vargas. Handling the Troll Warlord and Phantom Lancer respectively, the two carries farmed and fought their way to the top of the net worth charts. Fnatic’s supporting cast, however, managed to keep up. It reached a point where Fnatic simply wouldn’t fall to Adroit’s damage and their victory was assured.

Game two saw Adroit getting off to a better start. Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva’s mid Necrophos proved almost unkillable and the Filipino squad capitalized on its advantage by rolling down objective after objective. Fnatic’s Earthshaker came to the rescue, though. Iceiceice executed a flawless bait and switch that saw Dj get a perfect Echo Slam opportunity.

Adroit trucked on but were severely hampered by the pressure coming from Fnatic. Natsumi had a tough time on his Terrorblade and was unable to farm as fast as his counterpart, causing Adroit to rely completely on Mac’s Necrophos. When Fnatic managed to take down Mac twice in swift succession, Adroit were unable to hold on.

The third game went much the same way as the previous two. Fnatic’s cores were free to farm thanks to Jabz sacrificial play that saw him throw his body at his opponents repeatedly. Fnatic’s 23savage and Moon benefitted the most.

Adroit tried but they quickly ran out of steam. The Filipinos fell in three straight games and exited the tournament with a whimper, leaving Fnatic as the champions of the SEA region.

This is Fnatic’s second grand finals appearance in less than a month, both of which were clean sweeps. Fnatic previously beat OG.Seed at the Dota Summit 12 in spectacular fashion. While the SEA all-stars’ performance in this tournament wasn’t quite as flashy, the form that they displayed previously finally came online in the last series of the event.