Evil Geniuses’ Arteezy goes live on Twitch for the first time since May

The quarterly Arteezy stream is back and Dota 2 fans are happy.

Photo via Valve

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Artour “Arteezy” Babaev stepped away from streaming in May to focus on the home stretch of the Dota Pro Circuit. But now that all the offseason business is taken care of, he made his return to Twitch. 

Within the first few minutes of going live, his viewer count jumped from 20 to over 4,000 and slowly started to climb from there. By the end of his first hour back he was already sitting at his previous average numbers, with around 23,000 people watching. 

This is only his third stream in the last 12 months, having gone live twice in December 2018 following the first Major of the year and once back in May. There has never been a consistent schedule for the star mid player, but that has become part of the joke. 

Many of his fans view this as a rare treat and are celebrating that they get to watch him play Dota 2. This is just made even better by Arteezy having no notifications set up to show donations, followers, or subscribers on stream despite how many he’s been getting. 

As one of the best Dota players in the world, he has a massive following on Twitch, sitting at over 560,000 followers even before the recent stream began. 

The fact that he doesn’t stream consistently is probably due to a mix of how little free time he has with the breaks between the DPC seasons the fact players only get a month off between the end of The International and the first set of qualifiers. That is a lot of Dota to play. 

Arteezy seems to be having a good time just playing Dota on stream, too, but there has been no indication that this will lead to more content in the future. Based on his previous habits, he might stream again in December after the first Major of the year before going radio silent for the start of 2020. 

But whatever he decides to do with his stream, his return has set the Dota 2 community ablaze on Reddit as fans jump in and toss out emotes that EG’s star has no frame of reference for.