Everything we know about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Let me know when he turns into a dragon and kills everyone. I love that part.

Image via Valve

Valve dropped an absolute bomb on the Dota 2 community last month, announcing out of the blue that the company was partnering with Netflix to produce an animated series for the streaming platform. 

The anime series titled DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, is set to release on March 25, just a few days before the best Dota teams in the world clash at the ONE Esports Singapore Major. 

As we get closer to the release date, Valve and Netflix have dropped several teasers and trailers, along with information about the cast and team behind the show.

For fans who want to know everything they can about the series prior to its launch, here is everything we know about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, including the case, production team, and more. 

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood 

The series

The series will be an eight-episode fantasy anime produced by Ashley Miller, who is best known for his work on Thor and X-Men: First Class in partnership with Valve and Netflix Animation. Animation director Ryu Ki Hyun, best known for his work on The Legend of Korra and as an artist on dozens of other shows, will be Miller’s co-executive producer.

It is being animated by Studio MIR, a South Korean animation studio that worked on The Legend of Korra, Young Justice: Outsiders, and another Netflix original, Voltron: Legendary Defender. 

The series is being composed by Dino Meneghin, a guitarist who has done work with Beyoncé, Liz Phair, and Michael Bublé before moving into the film and television sector with his work on MTV’s Teen Wolf in 2012. 

As of now, we know the story will follow Davion, the Dragon Knight as he becomes a key player in “events larger than he could have ever imagined” within the Dota universe. This will be brought on by Davion encountering both Princess Mirana and a powerful, ancient eldwurm that will set him on a path to stop a deadly demon. 

Launch info

When the show launches on Netflix, it will be available in 12 voiced languages and 30 additional languages will be supported with full subtitles.

• English
• Russian
• Japanese
• Filipino
• Thai
• Indonesian
• Brazilian Portuguese
• Spanish (Neutral)
• Spanish (Castilian)
• French
• German
• Italian

The cast

Valve and Netflix have put together a solid cast of voice actors to bring the characters to life in this new series, including Tony Todd, the voice of the Dragon Knight Hero in Dota 2, returning to voice Slyrak, The Ember Eldwurm. That is a pretty big deal considering in the character’s lore, Slyrak gifts Davion with his wisdom and power after the Dragon Knight grants him his wish of being slain in combat. 

It looks like Todd is the only returning actor despite many of Dota 2’s heroes being present in the initial trailers and cast listing. Here are all of the details we know as of now. 

  1. Davion: Yuri Lowenthal
  2. Mirana: Lara Pulver
  3. Slyrak: Tony Todd
  4. Invoker: Troy Baker
  5. Luna: Kari Wahlgren
  6. Selemene: Alix Wilton Regan
  7. Fymryn: Freya Tingley
  8. Stephany Jacobsen: Drysi
  9. Bram: Josh Keaton
  10. Kaden: Anson Mount
  11. Redacted: JB Blanc