Every team competing in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit’s second season regional leagues

A total of 96 teams competing in six weeks of action across six regions.

Image via ESL

The second season of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit is about to begin, with regional leagues picking back up with slightly altered rosters of teams and players ready to try and earn a spot in the next Major. 

Matches begin on April 12 and will run through May 23, and there is now middle of the season break for China this time, so every region will run on the exact same six week rotation. 

In each region, the two top teams from the lower division have been promoted to the upper division. Likewise, the bottom two teams from the upper division are now going to be playing the lower division during season two after being relegated at the end of season one. 

Two entirely new rosters are also joining the battle, with two open qualifier teams replacing the bottom finishers from the lower division during season two. So in total, the lower division has two brand new teams, while the bottom and top two from the upper and lower divisions respectively have replaced each other. 

At the end of season two, the top four seeds from China and Europe, top three teams from Southeast Asia and CIS, and the top two rosters from North and South America will qualify for the Major.

Here are all of the teams you will see in each region. 


  • Upper Division
    • Invictus Gaming
    • Team Aster
    • Vici Gaming
    • PSG.LGD
    • Elephant
    • EHOME
    • Sparking Arrow Gaming (from Lower Division S1)
    • Royal Never Give Up (from Lower Division S1)
  • Lower Division
    • Team MagMa (from Upper Division S1)
    • LBZS (from Upper Division S1)
    • CDEC Gaming
    • Phoenix Gaming
    • Xtreme Gaming 
    • Drago
    • Aster.Aries (from open qualifiers)
    • Demon Slayer (from open qualifiers)


  • Upper Division
    • Team Secret
    • Alliance 
    • Nigma
    • Team Liquid
    • OG
    • Tundra Esports (from Lower Division S1)
    • Hellbear Smashers (from Lower Division S1)
    • Brame
  • Lower Division
    • Vikin.gg (from Upper Division S1)
    • High Coast Esports (from Upper Division S1)
    • Creepwave
    • No Bounty Hunter
    • Level UP
    • Hippomaniacs
    • Ghost frogs (from open qualifiers)
    • Team Bald Reborn (from open qualifiers)


  • Upper Division
    • Virtus.pro
    • Natus Vincere
    • AS Monaco Gambit
    • Team Spirit
    • Team Unique
    • PuckChamp (from Lower Division S1)
    • Winstrike Team (from Lower Division S1)
  • Lower Division
    • Team Empire (from Upper Division S1)
    • NoTechies (from Upper Division S1)
    • HellRaisers
    • Prosti Esli
    • Fantastic Five
    • B8
    • Trident Clan (from open qualifiers)
    • Nemiga Gaming (from open qualifiers)


  • Upper Division
    • Fnatic 
    • Neon Esports
    • T1
    • TNC Predator
    • BOOM Esports
    • Execration
    • Lilgun (from Lower Division S1)
    • Omega Esports (from Lower Division S1)
  • Lower Division
    • 496 Gaming (from Upper Division S1)
    • South Built Esports (from Upper Division S1)
    • Cignal Ultra
    • Galaxy Racer
    • Army Geniuses
    • Team Mystery
    • Motivate.Trust Gaming (from open qualifiers)
    • Team SMG (from open qualifiers)

North America 

  • Upper Division
    • Evil Geniuses
    • Quincy Crew
    • Undying
    • 4 Zoomers
    • Sadboys
    • Black N Yellow
    • simply TOOBASED (from Lower Division S1)
    • The Cut (from Lower Division S1)
  • Lower Division
    • Wind and Rain (from Upper Division S1)
    • 5ManMidas (from Upper Division S1)
    • Arkosh Gaming
    • Team DogChamp
    • Felt
    • Electronic Boys
    • D2 Hustlers (from open qualifiers)
    • Pecado Squad Gamig (from open qualifiers)

South America 

  • Upper Division 
    • Beastcoast
    • Thunder Predator
    • SG e-sports
    • NoPing e-sports
    • Team Unknown
    • Infamous
    • Infinity Esports (from Lower Division S1)
    • Hokori (from Lower Division S1)
  • Lower Division
    • EGOBOYS (from Upper Division S1)
    • Latam Defenders (from Upper Division S1)
      • Previously Incubus Club
    • Gorillaz-Pride
    • Crewmates 
    • Inverse
    • Incubus Club (from open qualifiers)
      • New roster that qualified under the Incubus Club banner
    • Omega Gaming (from open qualifiers)