EternaLEnVy’s 4Fun upset Quincy Crew to win Summit 13 Online: Americas

It wouldn't be an EE classic without some nail-biting finishes.

Photo via DreamHack

Quincy Crew, a Dota 2 team that’s been dominating the Americas region during Evil Geniuses’ prolonged absence from the scene, was upset by the recently created stack 4Fun in the grand finals of the Summit 13 Online: Americas yesterday.

Both teams pulled off their fair share of highlight plays and ridiculous comebacks, but the entertaining series ended 3-2 in favor of the EternaLEnVy-led squad. Of course, with EternaLEnVy involved, the Dota 2 gods invariably decided that there would be no easy path to the championship.

4Fun made a statement with a quick game one stomp, shocking the favorites right out of the gate. A back-and-forth second game followed, with Eric “Ryoya” Dong slicing and dicing Quincy Crew’s heroes with a Divine Rapier Void Spirit.

4Fun couldn’t close out the game, however. Ryoya dropped his Rapier in an ill-fated bottom push where he was stun-locked, giving Quincy Crew a glimmer of hope. Despite losing their advantage, EternaLEnVy’s Spectre both weaved and tanked his way through the opponents’ damage, rallying his team for a decisive Roshan fight.

Game three continued to be a heart-pumping affair for both sides. 4Fun held on to a tiny lead through the first half of the game, but Quincy Crew’s strong teamfight lineup saw them winning mid-game skirmishes and pulling ahead.

4Fun lost a critical objective in Roshan and four heroes in the process. Ryoya, somehow, defended the base against a fully healthy Quincy Crew with nothing but good Flicker usage and a respawned Oracle by his side.

Quincy Crew were repelled and their humongous objective lead dissipated with multiple deaths from Faceless Void. Now seconds away from getting swept, the team managed to pull through by the skin of their teeth with some quick thinking and a couple of Desolators.

Quincy Crew stormed back in style to claim the fourth game, tying the series at two apiece.

Both teams now had their backs against the wall. With the series on the line, it was 4Fun’s Ryoya who had another outstanding display in the final game. His item progression, with Meteor Hammer into Black King Bar and then Eye of Skadi, was anything but standard, but it worked a treat.

Ryoya ended up with the most building and hero damage to secure the championship for his team, but EternaLEnVy’s 50/50 plays proved to be a fitting highlight to end the series.

Champions 4Fun earned $42,000, while runners-up Quincy Crew will claim $22,000 for their efforts.