ESL One Los Angeles Major to retain same qualifier structure as DreamLeague Season 13

No changes here, just quality Dota.

Image via Valve

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Tournament organizers for Dota Pro Circuit Majors get some freedom in how they split up the available qualifier spots for each region, which means that there’s usually a rotation between events that changes which regions get the full three spots.

Unlike the change that happened between the MDL Chengdu Major and DramLeague Season 13, however, the ESL One Los Angeles Major is keeping the same qualifier structure as its predecessor. That means Europe and Southeast Asia will keep three spots while North America and South America are relegated to two representatives. 

That makes the layout simple considering nothing has changed outside of the name of the Minor that will decide who the final team to make the Major is. But for those who didn’t watch DreamLeague Season 13, here’s the breakdown of which regions will be getting what spots.

  • Europe: three
  • China: three
  • SEA: three 
  • CIS: two
  • NA: two
  • SA: two

Europe and China are almost always going to get three spots because they’re the biggest and most successful regions within competitive Dota 2, meaning they have the most teams ready to contend for a spot at a Major. The third three-representative spot is usually traded off between SEA and NA, but it’s odd that the pair didn’t swap considering the event is being held in Los Angeles. 

SA and CIS are typically stuck in that two-spot category due to the current dearth of talented rosters in the region and the same two or three teams battling for the top seed. And as always, there’s one spot out of the 16 total being set aside for the winner of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3.

The final breakdown for the Minor has not been announced yet, but that information will likely be provided before the regional qualifiers begin on Feb. 9.