DreamLeague Season 19 live Dota 2 updates: Full schedule, scores, and standings

Non-DPC events are back on the menu.

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For the first time in what feels like ages, there are non-Dota Pro Circuit tournaments happening within the DPC season again. ESL and DreamHack have launched their own $17 million Dota Pro Tour that will run alongside the DPC, starting with DreamLeague Season 19 running from April 9 to 23. 

This is the first DL Dota 2 tournament to run independently of the DPC’s Tour system since it was implemented in Jan. 2021. Prior to that, DreamLeague Season 13 was actually called the Leipzig Major and featured as the second landmark event in the 2020 DPC season before Valve canceled further events in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DLS19 is a departure from all previous versions of the event series, bringing in new remote play elements from the DPC and combining them with a more traditional DreamLeague broadcast. It will also act as the first gateway to ESL’s larger DPT, with the winner getting an instant invite to Riyadh Masters 2023 this Summer.

For many of the teams competing, this is a solid international warm-up before they compete in the DPC’s Berlin Major, so players should come locked in and ready to compete.

DreamLeague Season 19: Full Dota 2 schedule, scores, and standings

DreamLeague Season 19 runs from April 9 to 23 and includes three different stages that will narrow down the field until one Dota 2 winner is decided and given $300,000 and an invite to Riyadh Masters 2023.

Sixteen teams enter the ring this season; five from Western Europe, three from North America, and two from each of Eastern Europe, South America, China, and Southeast Asia. All of those invites were sent out using ESL’s Pro Tour ranking system, leading to some interesting squads being pulled in regardless of their DPC records.

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Those teams are then split into two groups of eight in an initial group stage, with the top four from each section moving on to a second round. That second round is yet another group stage that will narrow the remaining eight teams down to four, seeding them for the playoffs based on their round-robin record. 

The playoffs are the standard, double-elimination bracket featuring the remaining four teams, with every series a best-of-three until the best-of-five grand finals. Here is a full breakdown of each stage for DLS19 and how those results are shaking out. 

DreamLeague Season 19: Live Dota 2 scores and standings

FirstGaimin Gladiators$300,000 + Riyadh Masters invite
SecondTeam Liquid$175,000
ThirdShopify Rebellion$120,000
FourthTundra Esports$85,000
SeventhEvil Geniuses$42,500
NinthExecration, Team Spirit$25,000
11thTeam Aster, Talon Esports$20,000
13thex-HellRaisers, Nigma Galaxy$15,000
15thEntity, nouns$10,000

Group Stage Part One

Group A

PlaceTeamRecord (W-L)
FirstEvil Geniuses10-4
SecondGaimin Gladiator10-4
ThirdShopify Rebellion10-4
SixthTeam Aster6-8

Group B

PlaceTeamRecord (W-L)
FirstTeam Liquid11-3
SecondTundra Esports9-5
FifthTeam Spirit8-6
SixthTalon Esports5-9
SeventhNigma Galaxy4-10

Group Stage Part Two

PlaceTeamRecord (W-L)
FirstTeam Liquid6-1
SecondGaimin Gladiators6-1
ThirdShopify Rebellion5-2
FourthTundra Esports4-3
SixthTundra Esports2-5
SeventhEvil Geniuses2-5


  • Upper Bracket Final
    • Team Liquid vs Gaimin Gladiators: Liquid 2-0
  • Lower Bracket Semifinal
    • Shopify Rebellion vs Tundra Esports: Shopify 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Final
    • GG vs Shopify: GG 2-0
  • Grand Final
    • Liquid vs GG: GG 3-2
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