Dota Underlords peaks at 200,000 concurrent players, has the fourth most players online for a Steam game

The newest Valve title is already reaching new heights.

Image via Valve

Dota Underlords has already surpassed 200,000 concurrent players within the first week of launching. That puts it in the top four games on Steam, under only Dota 2, PUBG, and CS:GO.

For the most part, the player count hangs around 180,815, which places it above other titles like Rainbow Six Siege and even Grand Theft Auto V. It isn’t very surprising, though, since the original mode, Dota Auto Chess, peaked at around 200,000 concurrent players and had over eight million subscribers total.

The all-time peak of 202,254 players that the new game achieved has already surpassed Valve’s original attempt at a Dota 2 spinoff, Artifact. The card game saw early success but quickly dropped to the point where it now barely passes 100 active players in a day.

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Since Underlords also launched across mobile platforms, this number is clearly just the tip of the iceberg. We won’t be able to see the Android and iOS numbers until much later, but considering the game just hit open beta and hasn’t been pushed on ads yet, that player base can grow.

It wouldn’t be that shocking to see the mobile version of Underlords become the most popular version of the game. Similar things have happened with other titles in the card game and strategy genres, like Hearthstone and the Pokémon TCG. This is likely due to the simplified nature of those games, which makes it easy to play casually on the go. There’s still that extra level of competitive gameplay that players can get, but they can also just pop in for a casual match whenever they have some time.

The game has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times in just three days, according to the Google Play store. That’s an insane number that will only grow as more people discover the title. It could put the total player count at nearly one million if iOS hasn’t pushed it past that number. That number wouldn’t add to the peak concurrent number, but it would place Underlords among some elite company.

Likewise, Riot Games released its own autobattler within the League of Legends client. Teamfight Tactics is driving a similar number of players into extremely long queues for matches, but it’s unclear if it will also make the jump to mobile.

Dota Underlords should only grow from here. The real question will soon become if it can sustain success and reach the same heights as Dota 2.