Dota 2’s The International 10 peaked at 2.7 million viewers, set esports record in the CIS

Fans were ready to watch some International Dota 2.

Photo via Valve

The International 10 is in the books, with Team Spirit pulling off an incredible lower bracket run full of upsets against top teams to win the event and take home the lion’s share of the record-breaking $40 million prize pool. 

That prize pool wasn’t the only record-breaking aspect of the event either. The finals between Spirit and PSG.LGD peaked at more than 2.7 million viewers, setting a new TI viewership record, a 37 percent increase from TI9’s 1.9 million peak during OG’s showdown with Team Liquid, according to Esports Charts

Image via Esports Charts

Spirit’s run was also a catalyst for Eastern European fans to tune in, with the grand finals boasting 1.2 million concurrent viewers across all Russian-speaking streams for the event. This is a new record for CIS viewership and set a regional record for hours watched at 41.2 million hours, making TI10 the most popular esports event ever for the region. 

That 1.2 million viewer peak for CIS streams also eclipsed the English stream’s peak of one million viewers. 

As for general peaks, TI10 peaked at 1.7 million viewers on Twitch, over 662,400 on YouTube, and 114,000 concurrent viewers on Facebook Gaming, according to Esports Charts. DotaTV also contributed around 188,000 concurrent viewers during the grand finals, surpassing its previous record set during TI8 with 186,000. 

Spirit was also by far the most popular team throughout TI10, with their run attracting 33 percent of total hours watch across the entire event at 34.9 million hours. They also held the highest average viewership at around 798,000 viewers per match. 

In total, TI10 brought in 107.2 million hours watched from Oct. 7 to 17, a nearly 20 million hour jump compared to TI9. Additionally, the event averaged 857,343 viewers throughout its 125-hour run-time, up from 738,873 average viewers across TI9’s 120 hours. 

Image via Esports Charts

The two-year hiatus between TI9 and TI10 clearly had fans around the world itching for some International Dota. Numbers across the board increased, with prime-time viewers jumping between 30 and 35 percent. You can view a more in-depth breakdown of viewership statistics, including how TI10 compared to League of Legends Worlds 2021 on Esports Charts.