Dota 2’s new ranked experience after Patch 7.33 has players feeling conflicted

Confusion takes over the community.

Image via Valve

Dota 2 update 7.33 introduced a new algorithm for the ranked system and a new matchmaking system exclusively for the highest tier players. While the changes were intended to improve balance and fairness, they sparked a heated debate within the Dota 2 community as numerous players expressed dissatisfaction with their new ranks and recalibration processes.

Soon after the changes went live on April 20, players started reporting instances of dropping more than 3,000 MMR after playing their calibration matches. Immortal players were placed in Herald or Crusader, forcing them to climb their way back up, which could take weeks.

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As high-level players were uprooted, the reverse also applied to lower-rank players. In a Reddit post, a Dota 2 fan stated they were placed into Immortal rank, despite being Archon previously. This player in particular, played more Turbo games, which raised the question whether the new Glicko algorithm could be mistaking Turbo game stats for normal game performance.

If the latest ranked system can’t tell the difference between Turbo and Normal game stats, players who exclusively play Turbo could find themselves placed in higher tiers. While this may seem like a pleasant surprise, this could cause players to be outclassed every game until they return to their normal skill bracket.

With too many people being misplaced in the ranking system, Dota 2 players have also stated that the overall match quality has been underwhelming ever since the patch. At this point, having a player who’s either above or below their regular skill level in a team will have a negative impact on the game quality, and this may continue until the system settles in or Valve rolls out a fix.

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