Dota 2’s International Battle Pass is officially out

The Battle Pass is here and full of new content.

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This year’s International Battle Pass has officially been released across all regions for Dota 2 players to enjoy. It’s added new features along with some classic returning bits to the popular game today.

Even with The International being postponed until 2021 due to the global health climate, Valve has still put some amazing content out for players to enjoy over the next several months as they grind their Battle Pass levels to try to get rewards, like the two new Hero Personas or three new Arcanas.

As per usual, 25 percent of the Battle Pass’ total sales will go directly to the prize pool for TI10 whenever it happens. A starting set of level bundles is available right away. You can purchase the Level One Bundle for $9.99, the 50 Level Bundle for $29.35, or the 100 Level Bundle for $44.99. 

As for features, Valve has added Guilds to the game, which will let players join communities within Dota 2 to play with other like-minded players, ensuring that you’ll always have a team to queue up with. Guilds will have their own individual level system too, which every player can help increase to give rewards for everyone that’s a part of the same guild. 

Anyone can join a guild, but only players who own the Battle Pass can create them at this time. 

There will be Daily Contracts, Guild Challenges, and rewards like emoticons, bonus challenges, in-game Guild Banner upgrades, Battle Pass bonuses, and more. This is a feature that will likely be around for a long time after the Battle Pass, but releasing it now is a good way to get players invested. 

A new Cavern Crawl known as Nightsilver and Foulfell is also available now, letting players explore the moonlit forest of Nightsilver where the goddess Selemene reigns and the veil between worlds shimmers in every glade. This is a mode that will allow you to grind for exclusive item sets, Battle Points, and special tools that will help you on the way.

Another new feature, the Battle Gauntlet, will test players’ abilities with a competitive twist that involves daily entry tickets. If you use one of your tickets, you can enter a gauntlet where winning three games before you lose two will give you prizes like 1,500 Battle Points, a Battle Tier upgrade, and 200 Sideshop Gold.

All of the matchmaking will be based on skill level, so don’t worry about getting run over early by someone who’s leagues ahead of you. 

And speaking of the Sideshop, this is a new business that will let you use gold to recruit heroes to your roster. Then you can train those heroes before selling their contracts off for gems that will let you trade on the secret gem market. 

On top of all of the new features, other parts of the game have seen some changes, including the MVP, Versus Screen, and Wagering. Other new aspects, such as Bounty Killing, Community Match Predictions, and the Pause Screen Playground, have also been added to keep things interesting. 

More information about some of the rewards along with a Special Summer Event will be released as the Battle Pass continues to be developed. But for a full list of the music, Chat Wheel, and other level rewards, you can view the official Battle Pass page on the Dota 2 blog. 

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