Dota 2 still suffering Game Coordinator responsiveness issues

The problem might be sticking around for longer than anticipated.

Image via Valve

Three days after major connection issues started frequently happening in Dota 2, Valve is still working on a fix that will get the Game Coordinator running properly again. 

Players have been struggling to successfully connect to, let alone finish, matches since the issues started to occur—and there’s still no sign of a quick fix for whatever is causing the server issues. 

Valve confirmed earlier this week that the problems were being caused by the Dota Game Coordinator being unresponsive for many players. Since that feature is part of the main extension used to transfer connections to various servers and facilitate games in the Dota 2 client, it’s led to a surge in disconnects, long load times, and connection errors. 

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Reports about server issues have fluctuated while Valve works on a fix, but there have been daily spikes regarding the rampant disconnections. The problem also extends to players who are capable of finishing a match because the issues impact players getting credit toward a guild contract and some games don’t show up in their play history.

You can still check to make sure your own connection isn’t causing issues by trying a practice game to see if you can still connect, but the Game Coordinator is the root of almost every problem right now. 

Valve is working on a fix, but there’s no timeline on when Dota 2 will actually have stable servers again.