Dota 2 fan scores a date thanks to an unknowing assist from n0tail

BigDaddy coming in with the assist.

Photo via Valve

Dota 2’s n0tail might not be in OG’s main roster anymore, but the man is still a support player by nature. While team Old G did not make it past the open qualifiers for the DPC in December, Johann “n0tail” Sundstein is still making some game-winning support plays of his own. Most recently, he helped a fellow colleague with his love life without expecting to, that’s just how good the man is.

A fellow employee and Dota 2 content creator working for One Esports, Joseph Sim, posted a picture on Jan. 23 that he and n0tail had taken together during an esports event together. Apparently, Joseph met a woman he was interested in who also happened to be a massive Dota 2 fan. Joseph then told her that he works in the esports scene and has met other notable names such as Team OG’s n0tail.

Joseph then showed her this picture that he later posted to his Twitter. He claims this is what sealed the deal for him because this impressed her enough to give Joseph her phone number and Steam ID as well for good measure. Needless to say, n0tail’s support instincts somehow translated into the man getting a date when he least expected it.

It seems like even though n0tail is not an active member of the OG roster anymore, he is still supporting up-and-coming players and leading them to victory. As far as n0tail and the rest of the team goes, there is no information about what the future holds for Team Old G. But as we have learned from the past, you never count out the OG Team OG.