You can no longer disassemble Divine Rapiers in Dota 2

Pub players rejoice!

Image via Valve

About one month ago, some Dota 2 players noticed that one of the strongest items in the game could be disassembled, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be able to.

The item in question is the Divine Rapier, a 6,200 gold late-game item that grants its wielder an absurd 330 raw damage increase. Additionally, once the rapier was purchased, players were stuck with it, as it’s not possible to drop the item unless the player dies.

After what now appears to have been a bug, Valve came out with a patch on March 8, effectively sorting out the disassembly issue.

The Divine Rapier is considered a classic item in the world of Dota 2. Despite its hefty price tag, many professional players use it in dire situations as a way to instantly increase their damage output. It does have a rather major drawback, however: If you die it drops from your inventory onto the ground, meaning any hero on the map—whether they’re your teammates or the enemy team—can pick it up. This makes the Divine Rapier one of the most situational items in the game, as there’s always an inherent risk in buying it.

But for a brief period, this wasn’t the case. Instead, it appears that the implementation of the in-game backpack feature, which gives players three extra inactive item slots, essentially made it possible for players to carry a rapier in their backpack by separating the needed components between the main inventory and the backpack. Meaning players could quickly assemble and disassemble the powerful item, without ever risking losing it.

So pub players rejoice, you’ll no longer have to worry (as much) about having your base destroyed by sneaky plays.