Ceb to miss Dota 2’s The International 10 due to emergency eye surgery, miCKe to stand-in

The team is still holding out hope that he might be cleared to play but is taking precautions early.


OG is down yet another player from its back-to-back International winning Dota 2 roster. Ceb will be unable to compete at The International 10 because he needs to have emergency eye surgery, the organization announced today. 

This news comes just six days before OG were set to try to win their third-straight Aegis of Champions. Team Liquid’s Michael “miCKe” Vu has joined the team as its official stand-in for the event. 

Ceb confirmed that the rumors were true, revealing that during a routine medical check-up, his doctor discovered that he was suffering from a retinal detachment in his left eye and was potentially just a few hours from losing or permanently damaging his sight. The only solution given was emergency surgery, which he opted to do immediately. 

“No matter how much we love Dota, some things will always come first. It went well, and that was the most important part,” Ceb said. “This bad news felt like the sky collapsing on me, as you can imagine. Ever since I have been fighting every day to try to gain ground on the pain and the fatigue, hoping my recovery process would still allow me to attend TI. Unfortunately, as of now, I still can’t know if I will be back in a playing shape in time.”

OG flew Ceb back to France, where he underwent a successful procedure and is now resting and recovering with his family.

Both Ceb and OG are still hoping that the offlaner can recover in time to potentially compete at TI in some capacity, though the team is being cautious and brought in miCKe. 

“It is uncertain whether Ceb will be cleared to play The International 10, and we will be waiting on his doctor’s verdict before making any final team decision,” OG said. “Players’ health and well-being is vital to us and we will ensure that he is not in any danger before returning to work. But we know for sure that Ceb is doing everything he can to expedite his recovery and compete in TI10.”

Rumors of Ceb potentially missing the event started last week when OG’s new coach Misha had to stand in for him during the team’s recent showmatch against beastcoast. Fans were quick to point out his absence from recent pub games too and eagle-eyed viewers noticed that miCKe was competing in private lobbies with the other four OG players and playing a lot of offlane heroes. 

MiCKe actually joined OG in Portugal a day after Ceb left for his surgery. The team worked with Liquid and Valve to make sure a player loan could happen smoothly. 

“It is a huge blow for me and the team, of course, but over the years I have learned to look at the positives of every challenge life throws at me,” Ceb said. “The bright side here is that my determination and fire to get ready have never been as intense. The bright side is that I know my team is stepping up big time, because they have my back. The bright side is feeling your unconditional and loving support. TI is coming, and that puts a smile on my face, whether or not I can attend.”

OG will be competing at TI as one of the six regional qualifier teams. The event will run from Oct. 7 to 17 in Bucharest.