BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas: Live results and standings

Will Quincy Crew take it again?

Image via Beyond the Summit

The third season of Beyond The Summit Pro Series is underway, with the Americas leading off the event as Quincy Crew looks to defend their Season 2 Championship. 

With $50,000 on the line, 10 of the best teams in the Americas will battle it out from now until Sept. 22, with several new faces and stacks joining the competition. 

From the late change of business associate to Team Zero and the inclusion of teams like Havan Liberty and Infinity Esports, BTS Pro Series Season 3 looks to be a tight race in the middle of the pack. Especially since this is the first time Evil Geniuses has missed out on the action. 

Along with the usual Americas and Southeast Asia brackets, a Europe/CIS bracket has also been added, meaning players can look forward to even more Dota 2 action over the next several weeks. But if you want to keep up with the Americas bracket specifically, here are all of the live results and standings. 



Group Stage (Round-Robin)

PlaceTeamSeries RecordOverall Record
FirstQuincy Crew7-2-016-2
FourthTeam Brasil1-7-19-9
FifthThunder Predator2-4-38-10
Seventh4 Zoomers2-4-38-10
EighthInfinity Esports0-7-27-11
NinthTeam Zero2-3-47-11
10thHavan Liberty1-3-55-13


  • Upper Bracket Round One
    • Quincy Crew vs. Team Brasil: QC 2-0
    • beastcoast vs. Infamous: Infamous 2-0
  • Lower Bracket Round One
    • Thunder Predator vs. Infinity Esports: TP 2-0
    • CR4ZY vs. 4 Zoomers: CR4ZY 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round Two
    • Brasil vs. TP: TP 2-0
    • bc vs. CR4ZY: CR4ZY 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round Three
    • TP vs. CR4ZY: TBD
  • Upper Bracket Finals
    • QC vs. Infamous: TBD
  • Lower Bracket Finals
    • TBD vs. TBD: TBD
  • Grand Finals
    • TBD vs. TBD: TBD