BLAST to host Dota 2 Bounty Hunt tournament featuring OG, Nigma, and Team Secret

BLAST is moving into Dota 2 with a new event.

Image via BLAST

Popular CS:GO tournament organizer BLAST is making the jump over to Dota 2 to host Bounty Hunt, a European/CIS event that will feature some of the top talents from both regions. 

The tournament will feature a $150,000 prize pool. Forty percent of the bounty will be in play at all times thanks to bonus money available during each match from bounties and other team’s prize banks. 

To start, each team will have $15,000 in their bank, with the top two seeds having $20,000 to incentivize other rosters to take them down. And during each match, 40 percent of each team’s total prize bank will be available for other teams to steal. $45,000 of additional bounties can be won along the way.

BLAST has already revealed that OG, Nigma, Team Secret, Alliance, Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pyjamas will be participating in the competition. More teams will be announced in the coming weeks, with potential qualifiers coming up at the end of the month.

In an attempt to include fans in the event, the audience will get to vote on some of the additional bounties that teams will need to complete to grab some extra cash. One lucky voter will also have their nickname added to the Bounty name. 

On top of that, $5,000 of the total prize pool will be open for fans at home to win with the Fan Prediction Game. Fans will be able to predict the winners of each match, the number of bounties collected, and a couple of factors throughout the tournament to try to earn a little bit of the final prize. 

The tournament will be broadcast on BLAST’s new Dota 2 Twitch and YouTube channels from June 8 to 13.