BLAST Bounty Hunt: Live scores and standings

Hunting bounties and taking names.

Image via BLAST

From actually playing regular Dota 2 to trying to complete one of the many bounties placed on the board, BLAST Bounty Hunt promises to keep audiences entertained with a unique style of action. 

Starting with a $100,000 prize pool that’s pre-distributed between the teams, along with $45,000 available in bounty totals, there’s a lot for players to fight for while approaching the game a little bit differently.

Team Secret and OG began the tournament as the top seeds, which gave them $20,000 to start with, while the other four teams all started with $15,000. Each match winner receives 40 percent of their opponent’s active cash pool, while any money earned from completing a bounty won’t be added to a team’s total until the end of the event, giving more incentive to complete them to secure guaranteed money. 

On top of the money shifting hands and bounties being up for grabs, the tournament is still being treated as a normal, double-elimination playoff bracket. Once a team is eliminated, their money is off the table and their bounties will be paid out. 

For anyone trying to keep up with all of the scores, standings, and bounties, here’s a live list of those standings for BLAST Bounty Hunt. 


PlaceTeam Prize
FirstTeam Secret$50,067
FourthTeam Liquid$8,424
SixthNinjas in Pyjamas$5,400

Active prize pool

TeamActive MoneyBounty Money
Team Secret$50,067N/A
Team Liquid $8,424N/A
Ninjas in Pyjamas$5,400N/A

Bounty Hunt

BountyDescriptionPrize Team
Something Something FeederKill a single enemy player 20 times in a single game as a team.$20,000N/A
Drop the Dead DonkeyKill nine or more of your opponent’s couriers in a single game as a team.$15,000N/A
VIPKeep one team member alive for the duration of a single game.$5,000Nigma
What’s Mine Is MineThe opposing team cannot gain control of your outpost for the duration of a game.$5,000Alliance


  • Upper bracket round one
    • Team Liquid vs. Nigma: Nigma 2-1
    • Alliance vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas: Alliance 2-0
  • Upper bracket round two
    • Team Secret vs. Nigma: Secret 2-1
    • Alliance vs. OG: OG 2-0
  • Lower bracket round one
    • NiP vs. Nigma: Nigma 2-0
    • Liquid vs. Alliance: Liquid 2-0
  • Upper bracket finals
    • Secret vs. OG: TBD
  • Lower bracket round two
    • Liquid vs. Nigma: Nigma 2-1
  • Lower bracket finals
    • OG vs. Nigma: OG 2-1
  • Grand finals
    • Secret vs. OG: Secret 3-0