Beastcoast and paiN Gaming set to compete at Dota Summit 10

The list of teams is set for another big Dota 2 event.


Less than a week before Dota Summit 10 finally begins, Beyond the Summit has revealed that beastcoast and paiN Gaming will be the last teams joining the event’s roster.

Both of the new additions are teams on the rise that made waves in their respective regions toward the end of the Dota Pro Circuit season.

Joining Alliance, Complexity Gaming, J Storm, and Team Serenity in one of the first Dota events of the offseason for teams not headed to TI, both beastcoast and paiN will be competing in a very intimate setting. Summit is known for putting its competitors into various side events outside of the main tournament.

Alliance and J Storm bring some well-known personalities to the event that can head up games of Mafia once the day’s events are over. These players could also lead a draft where captains pick teams out of the other competitors.

After beastcoast picked up its roster toward the end of the season, they made moves to ensure that the team would grow naturally rather than putting a focus on uprooting things for big players. This move served them well at the TI9 regional qualifiers, where they ended up placing third in North America.

In South America, paiN made a very similar play, dropping its roster early in the season and making no moves to rebuild right away. When they did pick up the Butterfly Effec roster at the tail end of the mid-season, they become a contender in their region and are on track to start next season on the right foot.

Now that the six-team roster is complete, the rumors of both Fnatic and Forward Gaming not attending the event despite having locked in invites from last year is confirmed. Forward made it clear they weren’t coming even when the event was originally scheduled for December 2018, but Fnatic weren’t removed from the roster until the two final teams were announced.

The schedule of events, prize pool, and other details have yet to be revealed. But with the tournament starting on July 25, that information should become available before the event begins.