Another new hero, Void Spirit, revealed at The International 2019

The fourth spirit brother joins the battle for the Ancients.

dota 2 ti9 new hero void spirit
Screengrab via Valve

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Following the trend of the last two years, two heroes have been revealed at The International 2019. This time, there was a one day gap between the announcements, with a possible event update teased too. 

Void Spirit, the fourth of the elemental Spirit brothers, will join the battlefield. Fans have speculated for years about the existence of the fourth spirit, and the hotly anticipated hero will be the subject of many theories to come as they await his release. 

The new hero promises to come alongside an event update, which was shown as The Outlanders Update. The new spirit will be released alongside fellow new hero Snapfire in fall 2019, with both heroes also promised to be in Underlords.

While his spirit brothers, Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Storm Spirit hold dominion over their respective elements, Void Spirit appears to be the master of space, teleporting on the main stage and announcing his arrival to the crowd himself. 

The video did not have a preview of Void Spirit’s skills, but he will undoubtedly have Void Remnants as a part of his kit, just like his brothers. In addition, speculations abound about the hero’s primary attribute since each of his brothers already hold the respective attributes available in Dota 2.

Void Spirit and Spitfire will be released together this Fall, and fans can be happy that Valve announced yet another hero at The International 2019.