All neutral item changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.32

Everything new with this cycle of neutral items.

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Dota 2’s Patch 7.32 is finally out nearly six months after the release of Primal Beast. With every major patch comes major changes and this update is no exception. With a plethora of hero changes, some reworks, and changes to the creep and XP mechanic, Patch 7.32 is already shaping up to be a meta-changer. Only time will tell which heroes and items will power-creep and dominate this patch.

Since the release of neutral items way back in the Outlanders update at the end of 2019, it has been a recurring tradition for Valve to keep cycling neutral items in and out of circulation with every major patch. Patch 7.32 ended up removing a lot of fan-favorite neutral items while adding new ones (and an oldie makes its return) to shake up the meta even further.

All neutral item changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.32

Screengrab via Valve

To better understand these changes, we will be dividing all of the changes to the neutral items into four separate sections.

New neutral items

These neutral items were newly added to Dota 2 in this patch.

Tier-one items

  • Seeds of Serenity: This new item passively provides +100 health to the equipping hero. It has a new active ability called Verdurous Dale, which is ground targetable. Any allied heroes standing in its AoE will receive +8 health regen for 14 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds.
  • Lance of Pursuit: This new item passively provides +200 mana to the equipping hero. It has an additional passive ability called Hound. This ability provides +15 attack damage and slows enemies by 12 percent for one second each time you hit them while their back is turned to you. The slow amount is halved if you are a ranged hero.
  • Occult Bracelet: This new item passively provides +5 to all stats to the equipping hero. It has an additional passive ability called Rites of Eloshar. Each time your hero is attacked while equipping this item, you gain a stack of 0.5 mana regen, up to a total of five stacks. Each stack lasts independently for 10 seconds.

Tier-two items

  • Eye of the Vizier: This new item passively provides a +125 cast range to any hero equipping it. It comes at a cost, however, as the hero also loses 20 percent of their maximum mana pool. The item has no other additional active or passive abilities.
  • Specialist’s Array: This item passively provides +8 to all stats and +10 attack damage to any hero equipping it. It has an additional passive ability called Crackshot. Every 12 seconds, your hero’s next attack will splinter into three shots within the hero’s attack range. These shots deal full damage and do not proc attack modifiers. One important thing to note is that it only works on ranged heroes.
  • Dagger of Ristul: This item passively provides +10 attack speed to any hero equipping it. It has an additional active ability called Imbrue. This ability gives your hero a boosted +40 attack damage for eight seconds at the cost of 100 health. This ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Tier-three items

  • Ogre Seal Totem: This item passively provides +12 strength to its equipping hero. It has an additional active ability called Ogre Seal Flop. This ability makes your hero bounce forward twice, covering a distance of 400 units. Each bounce deals 150 damage to all enemies in the AoE while slowing them down by 100 percent for one second on every bounce. This ability also destroys trees. It has a mana cost of 75 mana and a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Removed neutral items

These neutral items were phased out from this cycle and will be reintroduced again in later patches.

Tier-one items

  • Chipped Vest: While it was not the most popular Tier-one item, it was quite a solid choice and worked as a weaker version of a Blademail seven minutes into the match. The added HP regen was a decent bonus as well, allowing for easy neutral camp farming with the damage return, making it a solid offlane item.
  • Keen Optic: This one was definitely one of the most popular Tier-one items. While the increased mana regen was nice, most players equipped it for the additional cast range. This item made a lot of spells more viable by allowing heroes to cast them from a safer distance. This one will be missed.
  • Ocean Heart: The mini Ultimate Orb available seven minutes into the game was a nice stat boost to any hero. The highly underrated Water Regen passive made this item great on any roaming midlaner or position four heroes. While not as popular as some of the better Tier-one choices, it was still a decent item.

Tier-two items

  • Essence Ring: Ah, the beloved reverse Soul Ring. This item converted additional mana to health, making for some impressive clutch saves if used right. It was perfect for intelligence heroes with low HP pools and lots of mana to spare. It also passively increased their mana regen, allowing them to spam spells before eventually saving them from death in sticky situations.
  • Fae Grenade: On first arrival, this item was excellent. It dealt damage over time while also tracking heroes for the next eight seconds, revealing invisibility and slowing them down for the duration. Then it got nerfed with every patch till it finally got cycled out in this patch. It was an amazing item while it lasted and hopefully, we will be seeing it back soon.
  • Quicksilver Amulet: What didn’t this item do? It provided bonus attack speed, movement speed, increased projectile speed, and increased attack animation, making it perfect for melee and ranged heroes. These bonuses were further increased each time any ability of the hero equipping it was on cooldown. The bonuses would also stack for each ability that was on cooldown.

Tier-three items

  • Spider Legs: The most popular item in this Tier for any hero who enjoyed mobility (which is everyone) and a godsend for support heroes who desperately need to escape or reposition. This item provided a movement speed increase, turn rate increase, and an amazing active ability that allowed for a burst of movement speed with phased movement, turning a trap into an escape route.

Tier-four items

  • The Leveller: With all of the great Tier-four items out there, the Leveller has always fallen short. While the attack speed was great and the armor was a decent addition, where this item truly shined was in its building damage. There are very few items in the game that negatively affect buildings, and the Leveller stacked with a Desolator and Assault Cuirass was always a deadly combination.

Returned neutral items

These neutral items were phased back into this cycle after being removed from a previous patch.

Tier-four items

  • Havoc Hammer: Making its return after being cycled out a few patches earlier is the beloved Havoc Hammer. While its initial introduction was pretty underwhelming, the item got a lot of love in later patches, being buffed over and over till it was removed from the game. It provides equipping heroes with a bonus of +18 strength and +30 attack damage. It also has an active ability that deals 275 + 100 percent of a hero’s base strength as damage to all enemies, knocking them back 250 units and slowing them by 50 percent for three seconds, with no mana cost and a 10-second cooldown.

Changes to existing neutral items

While there are a few new additions and one old face making its return, most of the neutral items stayed the same, albeit with a few changes made to them, be it buffs or nerfs.

Tier-three items

  • Paladin Sword: Since all lifesteal items got nerfed in this patch, it comes as no surprise that the neutral items would too. The Paladin Sword has always been one of the go-to items for any carry hero, be it physical or magical, due to its innate lifesteal and spell lifesteal. The item also passively provides bonus damage and an ability that amplifies all forms of healing and lifesteal in the game by 14 percent, including its own lifesteal and amplification capabilities.

Tier-five items

  • Ex Machina: While these items are rarely seen in matches due to their 60-minute + drop timing, their utility cannot be understated. The Ex Machina is the ultimate late-game item for heroes that rely on active items at that stage in the game (Yes, I’m looking at you, Arc Warden). Passively providing +20 armor, every 25 seconds, this item resets the cooldowns of all items in the wielder’s inventory and backpack as well, with no mana cost. Well, until patch 7.32, where it now costs a whopping 350 mana to use.
  • Mirror Shield: Another amazing late-game item that bordered on overpowered when it first came out. It passively provides +10 to all stats which is mediocre at 60 minutes into the game, but what made it truly overpowered was its Echo Shell ability. Think of it as Anti-Mage’s Counterspell but if it worked passively and with no mana cost, or a Lotus Orb where you didn’t really take the damage. The Echo Shell reflected targeted spells once every eight seconds, but in patch 7.32, that has been (rightfully) nerfed to 12 seconds.
Screengrab via Valve

These are all of the changes to neutral items in the latest patch. If you’re interested in knowing more about this patch, why not check out all of the other changes right here? As always, we will keep you updated with any changes to the meta that will occur as a result of this massive patch.