All eight episodes of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood are now available on Netflix

Moving from Ventrilo to Netflix, but still enjoying some Dota.

Image via Valve

It’s Dota 2 anime day! DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is now available on Netflix worldwide, with all eight episodes of what is being called Book One now live on the streaming platform.

Before the show’s launch, Valve also released a massive update to Dota 2’s new player experience to help create a better way for new players to learn the game, and specifically mentioned Dragon’s Blood as a driving force behind the decision. 

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was created in partnership by Valve and Netflix Animation, and was produced by Ashley Miller, who is best known for his work on Thor and X-Men: First Class. The show was animated by Studio MIR, a South Korean animation studio that worked on The Legend of Korra, Young Justice: Outsiders, and another Netflix original, Voltron: Legendary Defender. 

The series will have viewers following Davion, the Dragon Knight as he becomes a key player in “events larger than he could have ever imagined” within the Dota universe.

In total, the show is available in 12 voiced languages and 30 additional languages are supported with full subtitles.

And continuing with its slightly meme-worthy promotion for the show, Netflix even managed to get Swedish DJ Basshunter to make a return and film an updated version of the 2006 hit song DotA’s music video.

The series is getting solid early reviews and you can watch all eight episodes now on Netflix.