Wagamama, Vanskor join 4 Clovers and Lepricon

A team of Dota 2's European "leftovers" is making dramatic changes as the pre-International roster roller coaster continues

Image courtesy of Valve

A team of Dota 2‘s European “leftovers” is making dramatic changes as the pre-International roster roller coaster continues.

4 Clover and Lepricon recently replaced Artur “Goblak” Kostenko and Kai “H4nn1” Hanbückers with Ivan “Vanskor” Skorokhod and Niklas “Wagamama” Högström respectively. The shift continues the ascent of Högström, a broadcaster with considerable in-game talent, and provides a more stable home for Skorokhod, who moved to Natus Vincere’s reserve position a month ago.

Högström’s professional career is a patchwork of casting gigs and brief partnerships with lesser sides through the years. The Swedish carry player featured on QPAD Red Pandas for nearly the duration of 2013 before stepping back from play to become an analyst. Since then, Högström featured on DreamLeague broadcasts, teasing frequently at a return to professional play.

Sorokhod, who featured in the highest echelons of competitive play, has since fallen on hard times. After a memorable stint with Team Empire, the Russian labored through an ill-fated campaign with Natus Vincere, starting in August 2014 before stepping back to focus on his health in early April. Sorokhod’s new home on 4 Clover and Lepricon provides an opportunity to both keep his skills sharp while providing a less crowded schedule as he continues his recovery from unspecified health issues.

4 Clover and Lerpcion’s move is likely geared to build a foundation for the International qualifiers, though it still lacks a sponsor. With numerous teams finding temporary sponsors with a notable qualifier run, the stakes are high as the reshuffling continues.

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