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All bosses in the end game of season 2 of diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

How to beat Andariel in Diablo 4

The climactic battle.

You’ve made it; you’re at the end, about to fight Andariel, the final boss of Diablo 4, and complete the game. Ah, if it were only that simple.

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To gain the satisfaction of beating a tough game like Diablo 4, you will have to actually beat Andariel, which is not an easy feat to accomplish.

With our help, however, your odds won’t be looking bad at all.

Where to find Andariel, Maiden of Anguish in Diablo 4 Act 4

Andariel takes the spotlight as the ultimate boss in Act Four. The signal for the impending showdown is set in the Forsaken Chapel in northeastern Kehjistan, where Taissa steps outside for some fresh air. Neyrelle, concerned when Taissa disappears from view, rushes outside to locate her. When you follow Neyrelle to ensure Taissa’s well-being, you’ll encounter Elias, who proceeds to summon Andariel. 

It’s advisable to fully replenish your resources at the Healing Well before accompanying Taissa outside. Take note that there is no turning back once you engage in conversation with Neyrelle.

How to prepare for the Andariel boss fight in Diablo 4

Equipping your character with the right gear and skills is a crucial step toward success. Knowing the weaknesses of Andariel can guide your choices in weapons, armor, and abilities, giving you a strategic advantage. Tailoring your character to exploit Andariel’s vulnerabilities increases your odds of achieving victory.

Enhancing damage output

Swiftly defeating Andariel requires dealing substantial damage. To optimize your damage output, prioritize gear and abilities that boost attack speed or amplify damage-dealing capabilities. Seek weapons with high damage stats or bonuses against demons and bosses. Some character classes excel in single-target damage through specific skills or talents, making them ideal for this encounter. Experiment with different builds and abilities to find the most effective setup for your character.

Leveraging elemental weaknesses

Andariel exhibits susceptibility to specific elemental damage types, with fire-based attacks proving remarkably effective. Equip weapons or spells dealing fire damage to exploit this vulnerability. Cold-based attacks can also impede her movements, facilitating evasion of her assaults. Experiment with diverse elemental damage types to determine the most suitable options for your character and playstyle.

Fortifying Poison resistance

Given Andariel’s reliance on poison attacks, bolstering poison resistance is a key defensive strategy. Prioritize gear and items offering poison resistance bonuses, and consider accessories like rings or amulets for additional resistance. Some skills in your character’s skill tree may grant passive poison resistance or temporary boosts, providing an extra layer of defense against Andariel’s poisonous assault.

How to beat Andariel in Diablo 4 Act 4

Phase one

In the first phase, Andariel’s arms are all tied up to this big curved piece of wood, so she can’t really swing at you up close. She’s not the fastest, so make the most of that. Oh, and watch out for the sandstorm around the fighting area, as stepping into it takes a toll on your health. Better keep your distance.

Usually, Andariel makes a grand entrance, stomping in from some off-screen location and conjuring up Rune Chains. You will get snagged If you wander into the area marked by a circle on the ground around the Rune Chains, causing you to be stuck inside that circle. Your ticket out is either smashing the Rune Chains or deploying a handy ability like the Sorcerer’s Teleport. Avoid stepping into the Rune Chains unless you’ve got no other option—it seriously smooths out the fight.

Andariel’s other moves are a breeze to evade. She brings forth a barrage of projectiles that paint the ground in red lines. Sometimes, it’s the area behind her, sometimes it’s the space in front of her, and occasionally, they form a neat triangle. These are easy to dodge as long as you’re not tangled up in the Rune Chains, but they pack a serious punch if they connect. Seriously, steer clear of those Rune Chains. If, by any chance, you get stuck, smash them pronto.

The upside is that Andariel stays put during these attacks, giving you the green light to unleash on her. So, dodge the projectiles, and you can go to town on her. Sooner or later, she’ll step back and vanish into the sandstorm. During this disappearing act, she summons fireballs that hound you around the arena. They dish out a ton of damage, so either dodge them or activate a defensive ability to up your survival odds. Once she hits around 75 percent health or enough time ticks away, brace yourself for phase two.

Phase two

Those pesky Rune Chains just won’t quit, but now Andariel’s got some fresh moves up her sleeve. She introduces a chain weapon, whipping it at you. This one’s speedier and trickier to dodge, but with the right boots, your Dodge ability should have it covered. One Evade Charge often doesn’t cut it with Andariel, so be smart and equip boots boasting an extra Evade Charge.

Every time she lands a hit with her chain, she leaves a nasty red line, but it’s not as predictable as her previous red stripe attacks. Read Andariel’s moves closely, and you can usually sense when she’s about to strike. She also throws in a horizontal swipe in front of her, and you can see it coming as she winds up beforehand.

Andariel’s fond of shoving you toward the sandstorm. The entire fight is surrounded by a fierce sandstorm, and you definitely don’t want to get caught up in it. It chips away at your health, so if you get pushed into it, get to safety as quickly as you can. Also, as you chip away at her health bar, the storm starts encroaching further, making the fighting arena shrink.

As the sandstorm gets smaller, she will begin casting less Rune Chains. Use this to your advantage by fighting her more proactively and keep the general strategy of your playstyle the same. Dodge her infrequent Rune Chains, evade her other attacks, and go to town on her when she begins to recover. After some constant thrashing, Andariel will enter the third phase of the boss fight.

Phase three

In the third phase, the sandstorm tightens its grip, leaving you little room to maneuver. Andariel sticks to summoning Rune Chains, but now she only brings out one at a time. Her attacks pose a greater challenge to dodge, yet as long as she doesn’t push you into the sandstorm, you should manage to get out relatively unscathed.

When she hits 25 percent health, however, Andariel kicks it up a notch. You’ll spot it when she clutches her head and red energy explodes around her, giving off a crimson glow. This power-up is a game-changer: Andariel hits much harder, moves, and attacks faster. The silver lining is she stops summoning Rune Chains, and there are no new attacks in her arsenal. The power-up also eventually wears off.

Keep sidestepping her attacks as best you can, and don’t hesitate to chug a healing potion immediately if she snags a hit or two on you. This phase is undeniably the toughest, but sticking to your game plan and using potions wisely should see you through. Andariel gears up again between five to 10 percent health, but by then, you should be poised to take her down effortlessly before she can make much of a comeback.

All of Andariel’s attacks in Diablo 4 Act 4

The player character faces Andariel head on, at point blank.
Exploit her tactics. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You know the general gameplan to beat Andariel in her boss fight, but you can definitely benefit further from a deep-dive into each of her deadly attacks.

Blood Stream

In the midst of the brawl, Andariel lets loose a blood stream in various directions, pulling off the move twice in a row. Standing in its path results in a gradual drain on your health. Yet, dodging it is a breeze, as the streams consistently radiate diagonally from her position, and the dark red color pops vividly in the desert. Find your spot in the three open areas until the blood stream fades away, staying sharp for the next phase.

Blood Projectiles

Teaming up with the Blood Stream Attack, Andariel frequently hurls projectiles that deftly home in on your location. Taking a hit can seriously dent your health. Sidestep this threat by deftly moving around the battlefield, using the dodge skill with finesse as the projectiles close in. 

Blood Whip

As the fight heats up, Andariel introduces two whipping attacks. One involves a slashing motion right in front of her, while the other sweeps around her. With limited reach, these attacks are easy to dodge if you keep a safe distance. Take advantage of this to not just evade but also read Andariel’s patterns and exploit potential openings.


Now and then, taking a break from slashing, Andariel resorts to a forceful shove, often pushing your character dangerously close to the encroaching storm. Spotting this move is key; when Andariel’s pincers wind up to the side rather than upwards, make a quick sidestep to evade. If thrown into the storm, simply hustle back toward the center.

Rune Chain

Consistently throughout the battle, Andariel conjures Rune Chains that hinder your escape, leaving you exposed to her subsequent attacks. The trick is to swiftly break these arcane restraints to maintain your freedom of movement and strategic positioning on the battlefield. Stay nimble, keep an eye on Rune Chains, and promptly neutralize them to gain the upper hand.

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