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cavern entrance to rimescar dungeon diablo 4
Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard.

Diablo 4 Rimescar Cavern dungeon location and how to clear it

The dungeon mobs are harder to deal with than Khazra.

The Rimescar Cavern dungeon is one of the many dungeons you can complete in Diablo 4. However, finding it is impossible unless you complete one of the Strongholds. Then, even if you complete this Stronghold, the dungeon is challenging because of the enemies and the Kazra Abomination boss waiting for you.

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Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do to prepare for the battle ahead.

Where to find the Rimescar Cavern dungeon in Diablo 4

You can find the Rimescar Cavern dungeon in Diablo 4 after you’ve completed the Malnok Stronghold. There are many parts to completing this Stronghold. However, it can be broken down into four key objectives:

  1. Search for the source of the storm: This means finding the three elite monsters.
  2. Slay the Ice Clan Stormcallers and return to the center of Malnok.
  3. Slay Frosthorn, the big boss of the Stronghold.
  4. Rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine to conquer Malnok.

As soon as you’ve conquered Malnok, the Rimescar Cavern dungeon can be found northeast of the center of Malnok.

How to clear the Rimescar Cavern dungeon in Diablo 4

Player and minions near rimescar cavern dungeon entrance diablo 4
Prepare and repair before entering the dungeon. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard.

To clear the Rimescar Cavern dungeon in Diablo 4, you must complete four objectives:

  1. Destroy three Sacrificial Flesh.
  2. Travel to the Uncharted Depths.
  3. Destroy the Ice Barrier.
  4. Defeat the Khazra Abomination, the boss of the dungeon.

Sounds easy, right? Well, unfortunately, no matter which World Tier you do this dungeon on, it’s a pretty big pain because of the various monsters and elites you’ll encounter. Because of this, ensure you have equipped armor with the “All Resistances” stat or, at the very least, some Poison Resistance—Khazra’s attacks are poisonous, as are many of the monsters in this dungeon.

Others deal Cold/Frost damage, Thunder/Lightning Damage, and some will spawn towers that shoot Lightning. So, it’s easier to have the All Resistance stat, consume an Elixir of Poison Resistance, or an Elixir that increases your health.

If your character has one or two AoE abilities, be sure to equip them, at least until the boss fight, then you can either keep your build as is or go back to your previous build. Having AoE skills makes this dungeon run a little easier. I’ve gone through this Diablo 4 dungeon a few times now, and there are a few key tips and tricks I’ve picked up that will help you get through all four objectives and these battles.

1) Destroy three Sacrificial Flesh

marker for the Sacrificial Flesh towers diablo 4
The Sacrificial Flesh will have quest markers as well. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Sacrificial Flesh are tall stick pyres that will spawn enemies. They have their own health bar. You must find and destroy all three Sacrificial Flesh towers to complete this objective. 


Be careful of the AoE mechanics, especially lightning balls, poison puddles, frost zones, and lightning pillars that bounce lightning between them.

The general layout of the dungeon is the same regardless of how often you complete it—the layout may just flip or invert. For the most part, you will find the three Sacrificial Flesh at three of the four corners of the first square of the map. You can move on once you’ve destroyed all three Sacrificial Flesh towers.

2) Travel to the Uncharted Depths

Red arrow pointing to location to enter uncharted depths in rimescar cavern diablo 4
Look for the Climb symbol. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard.

Traveling to the Uncharted Depths is probably the easiest objective as you simply need to find the “Climb” marker and climb down into the Uncharted Depths.

Along the way, however, you may encounter events like the Resplendent (Cursed) Chest or Sole Survivor. Both require you to kill all the enemies before the timer runs out. Doing so gives out pretty epic rewards. But it’s difficult due to the sheer number of enemies and the various elements you must avoid. However, it’s worth mastering.


On my first run through this dungeon, I was unlucky enough to encounter the Butcher. So, be careful, as he can spawn in this dungeon.

3) Destroy the Ice Barrier

Ice Barrier destroyed in the rimescar dungeon in diablo 4
Mobs spawn as the barrier falls. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard.

As the objective states, all you need to do is destroy the Ice Barrier. It’s typically found at the very end of the dungeon just before you enter Khazra Abomination’s room. Once you destroy the barrier, monsters and elites will spawn. Like all the mob fights in this dungeon, be careful of AoE attacks and avoid the poison puddles.

There’s a health refill area in the dungeon, so be sure to refill your health there before moving on to the boss. If you’ve already used the health pool, look for Cairns or anything you can destroy in the dungeon for health potions. You can always quickly head back to a main town, refill at the healer, and use the portal by the waypoint to return to your exact location in the dungeon. Doing this is a little risky though because if you take more than 10 to 15 minutes, the dungeon and its enemies will reset. So, be quick.

4) Defeat the Khazra Abomination

Watch for the poison puddles. Video by Dot Esports via Blizzard.

As the dungeon’s boss, Khazra Abomination has a chunky health bar and mechanics you must watch for.

  • Like all bosses, you will get helpful health potions when Khazra’s health drops to 75, 50, and 25 percent.
  • His primary attacks include:
    • Punching the ground in front of him. This can sometimes spawn poison puddles.
    • Throwing AoE poison puddles.
    • Frontal swipe.

Depending on your Diablo 4 class and build, this can be quite challenging or it’ll be an easier fight. It’s brutal for those who bring melee weapons because then you’ll be in melee range of this melee damage-dealing boss. So, the best way to survive is to attack from the sides or even behind Khazra to avoid his melee strikes, and when he drops poison puddles, move away from him to a safe area. Don’t worry, he’ll follow.


Equip skills or passives that make this Diablo 4 enemy Vulnerable, as this will make taking down Khazra a whole lot easier.

If you’re like me and are playing a ranged class, you can safely deal damage from a distance. Avoid his poison puddles, stay to his sides or back to avoid his melee, and dodge away as he draws near. If you have minions, they can effectively tank his melee attacks while you deal damage from afar, much like I do in the video above. And it makes clearing the dungeons pretty easy when you’re underleved for the World Tier.

This boss battle can be difficult. But keeping out of his mechanics, making him Vulnerable, drinking an Elixir of Poison Resistance, and dealing damage safely are key to Khazra’s demise. 

When he has been defeated, you’ll successfully clear the Rimescar Cavern dungeon in Diablo 4. 

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