Diablo 4 fans claim game is truly ‘dead’ before its second season can even begin

Is it too late for most?

Diablo IV Lilith with wings
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4’s hyped release earlier this summer set sales records for Blizzard Entertainment, but that hype has nearly entirely dissipated just a few months later.

Even some of Diablo 4’s most dedicated players are feeling defeated when it comes to playing the game consistently, according to a recent Reddit post where community members came together to voice their frustrations and worries that the game is already “dead.”

“Season two needs quadruple the content, if this can’t be mustered then just leave it in the grave it’s already in and bury it,” the original poster of the above thread said.

Season two, Season of Blood, is set to launch next month on Oct. 17. But for some, it may already be too late, especially considering all of the new games that will be launching around that time or shortly after.

“The game is dead, unfortunately I’ve finally had to accept this,” the Redditor continued. “I’ve really enjoyed this game, but there’s truly nothing left to do. The Diablo team needs to learn from other successful games that can create enough content for all that play these games!”

The complaints are coming from the perspective of a player who plays the game a lot, way more than the average player, but it’s the most dedicated part of the player base, so it’s likely a voice that the developer is listening to.

“People that play this type of game will grind, and will grind till there’s nothing left, that’s when the next season should be begin,” they said. “So there must be enough content and then some to carry through. It’s very simple, hopefully this can be accomplished, or Diablo in the future as a whole may complete shit.”

Many in the thread agreed with the sentiment, including one player who supplemented the argument with Diablo 4’s Twitch viewership, saying that judging by those numbers, “the game died a month ago.”

Diablo 4 Twitch viewership graphic.
The viewership drop has been precipitous. Screenshot by Dot Esports via [SullyGnome](https://sullygnome.com/game/Diablo_IV)

The value of gameplay and quests can’t be quantified by numbers, but the viewership can. Diablo 4’s Twitch viewership has bottomed out recently, as seen in the chart above by Twitch tracker site SullyGnome. Diablo 4’s peak viewership on Twitch for yesterday, Sept. 10, was just 2,863.

For some players, it may be too late for Diablo to continue on. But many others will gladly hop back in each new season, play the content until satisfied, and return when a new update drops. And Blizzard is likely okay with this for the time being, especially considering the recent revelation that the company is considering Destiny-like yearly expansions to bring players back after they’ve moved on.

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