Witch Queen to raise Destiny 2’s Power Level floor to 1350, soft cap to 1500

Powerfuls will get you up to 1550, and Pinnacles go to 1560.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s upcoming The Witch Queen expansion will give fans a familiar power level boost when it launches on Feb. 22. In a blog post today, Bungie detailed a series of changes coming with The Witch Queen, including the Power Level thresholds throughout the first season of the expansion.

The Power Level floor will raise to 1350, meaning all existing items will drop with at least 1350 Power Level—even if you pulled them from the Collections tab. Any subsequent drops will contribute to the soft cap, which will reach 1500 Power when The Witch Queen lands.

After the base farming, players will have to reach 1550 Power to break the Powerful cap, and the hard cap will be 1560.

Here are the updated thresholds for The Witch Queen and how to reach them.

  • Power floor (1350): The minimum base value. Any drop until the soft cap will raise players’ Power Level. Drops can’t be lower than 1350 (unless Horror’s Least bugs out again like it did in Season of the Lost).
  • Soft cap (1500): The farthest players can go from normal activities alone, without needing to use Powerful or Pinnacle rewards to boost their stats.
  • Powerful cap (1550): Getting to the Powerful cap from the soft cap will require Powerful or Pinnacle rewards, which are the only way of boosting players’ Power Level during that phase.
  • Pinnacle Cap (1560): Players can only bypass the elusive last 10 levels through Pinnacle rewards, which include certain raids, Trials of Osiris matches, playlist activities, Master Empire Hunts, and another handful of sources.

The release of The Witch Queen will also shake up the leveling possibilities. Presage and Harbinger, two activities that award Pinnacle drops, will move to the depths of the Destiny Content Vault on Feb. 22, but Bungie teased “some adjustments to Pinnacle and Powerful sources” when the new expansion lands.