When does Season of the Haunted end in Destiny 2? End date, activities, and more

There's plenty of time to dive into the content.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted shocked players with its trailer, both because of what it showed and when it launched. The cinematic was scheduled to go out two hours before the season released, but Bungie published the video on the night of May 23 instead, giving players an early glimpse at the sheer volume of content coming with the new season.

The storyline of Season of the Haunted brings back the former Cabal Emperor Calus, Caiatl’s father, who is seeking a powerful new master: the Darkness. This development has been teased in the logs at the end of the seasonal mission, Vox Obscura, and it’s finally here.

For Season of the Haunted, players can expect a scalable activity called Nightmare Containment and a weekly mission called Sever, both of which will take place inside Calus’ derelict Leviathan. Players can expect to fight hordes of servants of the Darkness, and whether it’s Scorn, Hive, or Nightmares, there is plenty of danger to go around. Nightmare Containment will be available for free to all players, but Sever requires the purchase of Season of the Haunted.

Add to that the new and returning weapons in Season of the Haunted—including staples of Calus’ own collection—and a nightmarish theme, and there is plenty of reason to dive into Season of the Haunted.

If you’re looking to make the most out of the season, you should know how long you have to get the season pass and your deadline for buying it. Though not all of the content will disappear at the end of the season, buying it early gives you plenty of time to enjoy what it has to offer.

When does Season of the Haunted end in Destiny 2?

Season of the Haunted runs between May 24 and Aug. 23, meaning players have three months to participate in it. Bungie has made seasonal content available year-round, meaning the activities from Season of the Haunted (as well as their drops) will be available until the next major expansion, Lightfall, in 2023. If you buy Season of the Haunted before it ends, you’ll have access to both Nightmare Containment and Sever until the end of the year. But that doesn’t mean you should buy it at the last minute.

Season of the Haunted also brings a 100-tier season pass, as expected, and players can gain a series of rewards from it, including a new Hive-themed Ornament set, the Trespasser Exotic, and a slew of other cosmetic items. The season pass can be completed until the end of the season, but though it’s possible to buy it at the eleventh hour and grind your way through the 100 tiers, you’ll have more time if you buy it early.

Regardless of when you choose to buy your season pass, Season of the Haunted ends on Aug. 23—though some elements of it will be available until much later.