What is the max crafted Weapon Level in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen?

The Witch Queen shook up the leveling order since Beyond Light.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s The Witch Queen expansion gave players the opportunity to make their own weapons through the new crafting system. The new feature lets players craft a copy of a gun and change its parts and perks at will, provided they have unlocked the perks and own the resources to apply the modifications.

Each weapon comes with its own Weapon Level, which isn’t related to the weapon’s Power Level. Your weapon’s level will determine what attachments and perks you can use. While some abilities will be unlocked from the start, getting a specific perk may require you to attain experience with your weapon of choice.

The new system encourages players to spend time with their weapons, leveling them up to unlock new parts and abilities. The more kills and activities with a weapon, the more options you’ll have. Here are the maximum levels in Destiny 2, both Weapon Level and Power Level.

Crafted Weapon Level

For most weapons, perks will be fully unlocked by level 20. This means players should have access to most (if not all) perks and parts. However, there doesn’t seem to be a maximum on Weapon Level in the crafting system. Pushing your weapon’s level after getting all parts and perks won’t necessarily have an impact on the gameplay, but it can serve as a show of devotion to your favorite armaments.

Power Level

Although The Witch Queen doesn’t seem to have a cap on Weapon Levels, regardless of what weapons you craft, players can’t push their armaments past the hard cap of 1560 (as of Season of the Risen). Destiny 2 shows a few different milestones, which determine how players can raise their Power Level.

  • Power floor (minimum level): 1350
  • Soft cap: 1500
  • Powerful cap: 1550
  • Pinnacle cap (maximum level): 1560

This system means the maximum level for weapons and gear is 1560 (barring any bonus levels from the seasonal artifact). Players can infuse their drops with higher Power, so they don’t have to ditch their weapons and armor each expansion—though they have to grind these drops anew.

Destiny 2‘s leveling system has a series of milestones and caps, which determine the sources of gear that can raise a guardian’s level. Though the maximum Power Level in Destiny 2 (as of The Witch Queen) is 1560, it doesn’t mean players will have the same loot sources.

Until the soft cap, players will level from whatever drops they obtain. From the soft cap to the Powerful cap, only Powerful and Pinnacle drops will boost their Light. The Pinnacle cap, on the other hand, can only be boosted from Pinnacle drops, which are few and far between.

These sources are per character, so if you want to quickly get your guardians to max level, you should use more than one character for the job.