What is the max power level in Destiny 2?

With maximum power, comes maximum responsbility.

Each new Destiny 2 season brings more than just a new narrative. In addition to all the balance changes, the maximum power level also increases, giving all the Guardians more room to improve upon their already successful formula.

From 300 to 1300, the maximum power level keeps on growing. Countless adventures await players to reward them with new loot, helping them keep up with the ever-moving Destiny 2 universe. Starting with the Season of the Undying, using Pinnacle gear has been the prime way of increasing your power level behind the maximum cap, and you’ll need to complete certain missions to get your hands on Pinnacle gear.

Here are the max power levels in all Destiny 2 seasons.

Destiny 2 base game300
Curse of Osiris330
Moments of Triumph event400
Season of the Outlaw600
Season of the Forge650
Season of the Drifter700
Season of Opulence750
Season of the Undying950 (960 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of Dawn960 (970 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of the Worthy1000 (1010 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of Arrivals1050 (1060 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of the Hunt1250 (1260 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of the Chosen1300 (1310 with Pinnacle gear)
Season of the Splicer1310 (1320 with Pinnacle gear)

There’s a clear pattern when it comes to the maximum power levels in Destiny 2. Each season’s maximum power level with Pinnacle gear becomes the base cap of the next season. In most cases, raids and dungeons will be your best friend when it comes increasing your power level as quickly as possible. Taking down individual clan bounties can also be an alternative and fun way of quickening the process and is usually more fun than grinding at the same spots.