Lubrae’s Ruin god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Here's how to get the most of Rhulk's weapon.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Vow of the Disciple raid launched shortly after The Witch Queen, bringing a series of new weapons to the game. One of the drops, however, stands out above the rest—Lubrae’s Ruin, Destiny 2‘s second Legendary glaive and the weapon used by Rhulk himself.

Unlike The Enigma, Lubrae’s Ruin can’t roll Impulse Amplifier, which already puts it a step behind the competition. This means that no matter how you spec it, Lubrae’s Ruin will have to work around the long reload and the slower projectile speed, which The Enigma can solve with a single perk. That said, Lubrae’s Ruin can bring some unique combinations to the mix, even without Impulse Amplifier, offering alternatives that can also make it perform well.

Here is our god roll for Lubrae’s Ruin in Destiny 2.

Lubrae’s Ruin PvE god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Haft: Low-Impedance Windings or Auxiliary Reserves (preferably with Grave Robber)
  • Magazine: Light Mag, Extended Mag, or Appended Mag
  • First perk: Grave Robber (Honorable mentions: Sleight of Hand, Immovable Object)
  • Second perk: Swashbuckler, Vorpal Weapon, or Surrounded

For our god roll, we’ve leaned into making the most out of the glaive’s reload speed and shield, doubling down on what makes it unique. Players who want faster swaps and improved handling can take on Tempered Truss rods as the Haft and Swap Mag as the Magazine, though this means they’ll rely more on Grave Robber to supplement Lubrae’s Ruin’s intrinsically long reloads due to the lack of Impulse Amplifier. Not rolling Impulse Amplifier also means the glaive will inevitably have a slower-moving projectile that requires leading its shots at range, so we’ve embraced that aspect of it and didn’t spec into range.

For perks, not having Impulse Amplifier on Lubrae’s Ruin means there’s the biggest, most clear-cut winner in the mix: Grave Robber. The Enigma has a few different ways of circumventing the long reload speed intrinsic to glaives—namely Impulse Amplifier, Feeding Frenzy, Subsistence, Grave Robber, and Threat Detector—while Lubrae’s offers very few alternatives. We’ve also opted for the universal Grave Robber instead of more niche perks that focus on specific playstyles, such as Tilting at Windmills. That said, the second perk column in Lubrae’s Ruin comes with plenty of options for players to fine-tune the glaive to their playstyle, especially if they can craft it.

Our god roll aims to mitigate the weaknesses on Lubrae’s Ruin, which mostly stem from the lack of Impulse Amplifier, and to add some damage-boosting perks in the second column. Here’s a breakdown of the perks on Lubrae’s Ruin so you can hunt down (or craft) your own god roll.

Screengrab via Bungie

First perk column

Grave Robber

This is the undisputed king of the first perk column on Lubrae’s Ruin. With limited access to other reload-mitigating perks (especially Impulse Amplifier), Grave Robber reigns supreme at the top of its game. The ability to skip a long reload with a melee kill is almost essential for Lubrae’s Ruin, so get this if you can.

Sleight of Hand

If Grave Robber is the king for Lubrae’s Ruin’s first perk column, then Sleight of Hand is in line for the throne. This will briefly increase handling, stability, and reload speed when getting a weapon or ability kill with this weapon stowed, serving as a substitute of sorts to Grave Robber. The triggers are different, though: Sleight of Hand leans more into a glaive playstyle that blends with a Primary weapon or abilities, while Grave Robber means you’ll need to fall back to the glaive melee.

Immovable Object

Immovable Object increases the amount of energy you receive from projectile attacks if you’re fully stationary and have your shield up. It’s a good perk, especially for defensive play, but having to choose between that or Grave Robber can make it a tough decision—and odds are it will swing in favor of Grave Robber.

Steady Hands

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, shoot-and-swap playstyle, Steady Hands might be a good choice. Getting a projectile kill with Lubrae’s Ruin will vastly increase handling for all of your weapons for a short duration, meaning you can get a kill with it and quickly swap to something else. That said, glaives already have a strong backup option in the form of their melee attack, which drops this perk down to niche territory.


Turnabout is a good utility perk, though it relies on breaking opponents’ shields. In lower-end content, you may not find shields as often, and you don’t really need the extra survivability this brings. In most higher-end content, you’ll be subjected to Match Game, meaning you’ll only get this perk when breaking a Solar shield given the element on Lubrae’s Ruin. The overshield from Turnabout can pair with the glaive’s intrinsic shield to get some real defense, but the tradeoff from losing Grave Robber and the fairly circumstantial nature of Turnabout make it a bit of a niche pick.

Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills is good for a quick getaway or repositioning with your shield, given it increases your movement speed while your shield is up after blocking a shot. If this slots into your playstyle, it’s certainly a good option, though Grave Robber is bound to be more universal.

Killing Wind

There’s an argument to be made for Killing Wind on Lubrae’s Ruin in PvP. That said, there’s a stronger argument not to take a glaive into PvP, especially one without Impulse Amplifier. Even in PvP, you could get more use out of Steady Hands, which would allow you to pull off a weapon swap more quickly and improve your handling for a chunk of time. In PvE, you’ll get more use out of other options in this column, making Killing Wind a last-case scenario perk.

Second perk column

Swashbuckler, Vorpal Weapon, Surrounded

This is the triumvirate of perks for Lubrae’s Ruin. These three are easily a step above the rest of the perks in the second column. Go with either of the three depending on your playstyle. The only downside to them is that, as of the launch of The Witch Queen, damage-boosting perks only apply to the projectile part of the glaive and not the melee.

Swashbuckler might be the best for general play, with a simple melee kill giving you five stacks of it and a total of 33 percent extra damage. It’s easy to keep chaining and doesn’t have any major triggers, like Surrounded or Vorpal Weapon. It also synergizes perfectly with Grave Robber, which will refill your magazine on a melee kill.

Surrounded provides around the same amount of bonus damage as five stacks of Swashbuckler (with the possibility of outdamaging it with the Surrounded Spec mod), though it only applies when enemies are in close proximity. In those scenarios, slashing enemies to proc Swashbuckler might be better, but Surrounded is easily a top-tier option alongside Swashbuckler.

Vorpal Weapon is a flat 15-percent buff to projectile damage against Majors and bosses. It’s also helpful, though it can be outclassed by Swashbuckler and Surrounded when they’re active.

These three perks will likely take up a spot in your final column in Lubrae’s Ruin, and for good reason. The rest of the choices in Lubrae’s Ruin can work in their own niche, but it’ll be hard to beat these three.

Unrelenting, Wellspring

These are two fairly niche perks that might have a spot in some playstyles. Wellspring can top off your abilities when killing enemies with the projectile, and Unrelenting adds some survivability. They’re not bad choices, but they have some stiff competition in the form of the three damage-boosting perks. There’s definitely room to use them in specific scenarios, while Swashbuckler/Vorpal/Surrounded will get more use on the day-to-day.

Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force leans into a more defensive playstyle, with the possibility of Immovable Object in the first perk column. That said, the buff to Unstoppable Force disappears as soon as you drop your guard, so most other choices are better.

Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch is a good perk for Heavy weapons. Since Lubrae’s Ruin is a Special, however, this means players will have to spend Heavy ammo to get a boost to projectile damage, putting this perk down at the bottom of the pack.