How to unlock Solstice glows in Destiny 2

Make it sparkle.

Image via Bungie

Solstice is known for its classy themes, the European Aerial Zone (EAZ), and armor glows, and this year’s edition of the event didn’t fail to deliver. With a new name (just “Solstice,” as opposed to the old “Solstice of Heroes”), a new formula, and an event pass, there’s plenty to do while the event runs.

Despite all the new additions, one of the event’s flagship features is still coming in strong: the Solstice glows available for players.

As usual, there are two ways to unlock glows: by playing the event and by buying them from the in-game store, with each yielding different glows.

How to get all Solstice glows in Destiny 2

Solstice brings a slew of different glows for players to experiment with.

There are two types of glow: the all-white and the dynamic, which changes colors based on the equipped subclass (purple for Void, cyan for Arc, red/orange for Solar, and dark blue for Stasis). The glows are individual per piece, and getting one set doesn’t prevent you from getting the other.

How to unlock the white Solstice glow in Destiny 2

The white glow is unlocked by progressing through the Solstice and fully upgrading your armor during the event. White glows are acquired on a per-piece basis after each piece has been fully unlocked, which means there’s a chance you won’t get the glow for all the pieces unless you grind for it. The white versions of armor can also be transformed into Ornaments as part of the Armor Synthesis feature.

Image via Bungie

This year, to obtain the white glow, you’ll need to fully kindle your armor. This requires Kindling, a resource that drops after completing event challenges. These work like smaller-scale seasonal challenges and will take players in a series of activities, ranging from Bonfire Bash to the Blind Well.

After obtaining Kindling, players will upgrade a piece of their choice. There are three tiers of kindled armor, and fully kindling it will unlock the glow for that armor slot.

How to unlock dynamic Solstice glows in Destiny 2

The dynamic Solstice glows, on the other hand, change colors based on the equipped subclass. They are only available as a bundle from the Eververse store and are purchasable for 6,000 Bright Dust or 1,500 Silver per set, without the option to acquire pieces individually.

Though obtaining this set is more straightforward than its counterpart, it’s far more costly, especially for players who want to obtain it in more than one character. That said, some older Solstice sets will also appear in the Eververse rotation, meaning players who missed the sets the first time around can still snag them while the event lasts.

These returning Destiny 2 sets will come with the colored glows and are available even if players didn’t obtain the base armor for that year’s Solstice.